Monday, October 06, 2014

Canned and covered

My to-do list this weekend was short. The main things:
• can applesauce
• coat sheep

I didn't really get to cross off either item, but at least I made a dent in both.  :-/
In my defense, our apple trees did really well this year. We lost a lot of apples from tree #1 because they ripened during and around our MN canoe trip. I was determined to utilize the beautiful fruit on tree #2, above. (Jackson is shown demonstrating the dogs' efforts to keep up with windfalls.) My goal was to put up the three canners' worth of quart jars I had at the ready, but I only managed to process two batches. Two jars broke, but thankfully before they went in the canning kettle (too great a difference in temperature between jar and sauce).
applesauce with cinnamon, the way my guys prefer it

As for dressing the sheep, that actually happened as an aside. Saturday evening I was home alone, so I went down to visit the animals. I thought about taking Lance out for a ride, but didn't know how much free time I had, so opted to sit with the sheep instead. Bali and Benny crowded up for attention, so I haltered them and took them out for some green grass. While they nibbled, I started picking VM out of Benny's huge fleece (it's a shepherd thing; I can't help it). After awhile I decided to throw a coat on him even though his fleece was far from clean; I figured it wasn't going to get cleaner by staying uncovered. He needed a size E, the big white blimp!

Bali's size C coat was a little short, so I pulled it off to replace it with a D. But look! See spot grow?
 not the most flattering photo...
Given her parentage, it's no surprise that her fleece is absolutely gorgeous, whether black or gray.

After Bali's and Benny's wardrobe change, I also put a bigger coat on Miss Blaise. She's wearing the same size as Bali now, her longer fleece filling in for her more petite frame.

I still need to get coats on Vienna and Barbados . . . and upsize coats on several others. I think I need a week of weekends – at least!

That's it for the busy weekend, from . . .


Mt Devon Meanderings said...

You sound like me. I canned carrots and coated sheep, but still have more to finish. Gotta love life on a farm.

Molly Bee said...

Just read your top two bullet points. Why are you going to coat your sheep with canned applesauce? Inquiring minds want to know! ;-P

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I made an apple pie, does that count? -grin-

Michelle said...

Mt Devon, sounds like we live in parallel universes; I need to visit your blog!

Molly Bee, lamb chops with applesauce sounds like a plausible recipe, but being a vegetarian, I really wouldn't know. :-P

Yes, it does, Sandra; I find making pie crust a very tedious job!

Mary Ann said...

The applesauce looks great!