Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July = summer

Heat waves, brown grass, fireworks, camping trips; yep, it's officially summer in the Pacific Northwest. You can never really count on summer weather until July (not that I was wishing for it!). Yesterday was hot (90s); today is getting hotter. Thankfully there's always the beach if you can get away (we did Saturday afternoon with a group from church).
Tomorrow morning (the earlier the better for the horses) we leave for Cowboy Campmeeting; thankfully the heat is supposed to abate somewhat. I am taking the car and picking my folks up at the airport on the way; they are joining us because Brian is getting baptized at Cowboy Campmeeting this year. Rick's mother is coming up later, along with what sounds like half of Brian's Pathfinder youth group and a sizable segment of our church congregation. I don't know if they need to see it to believe it, or are showing support. Okay, okay; I know it's the latter, but I'm telling you, the devil works extra hard when someone announces his intention to publicly commit his life to the Lord!

I'm scurrying around trying to water as much as I can as thoroughly as I can before we leave, in between packing and finishing up our church's newsletter. Our garden is looking pretty good (except for those five bare spots that are supposed to be hills of cucumbers); we'll enjoy fresh berries – and maybe even a tomato – with my parents when we return from Cowboy Campmeeting. Hopefully the blueberries will be okay until Sunday after a heavy watering tonight; we're learning just how much water it takes to keep them happy.

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans, and the rest of you have a great weekend!

That's it for now from . . .


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Michelle, that looks delightful and I am envious! have a good July 4; be safe and make wonderful memories.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Looks like fun even the dogs getting to enjoy the beach. 90's I wish ...... been over a 100 every day and that's all there is in the 7 day forecast, lots of over 105.

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time - big step for Brian! Hope the Cowboy Campmeeting is everything you all hope it to be. Should be extra special to spend it with your folks.

Fiona said...

This year we are having Red White and Blue Potato salad from our own garden [well pink, pale blue and white] I hope you just have the best 4th and Happy Independence day to all.

Anonymous said...

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Leigh said...

The Cowboy Campmeeting sounds like a lot of fun. I have to say I envy your summer when you get to wear light jackets. Our summer is the kind where one can't take enough clothes off.

Nancy Kay said...

All the images speak of SUMMER in all its glory. Love that you can go down to the beach. Beautiful. Have a glorious weekend.