Sunday, July 13, 2014


That's our schedule for the rest of this month. Some of you are thinking, "What's new?" but seriously, sometimes it gets even crazier!

Yesterday I went to a celebration of life for the father of one of our homeschool co-op families, the father of one of my Textiles students. Last year, we lost two mothers from our co-op "family." My heart is heavy – but it can't stay that way, because today we attend the wedding of a good friend. And next Sunday, we will help celebrate the nuptials of another good friend!

As soon as Rick returns from an early-morning emergency, while it's still cool outside, we are going to pick blueberries. I wonder how many pounds we'll end up with this year! So thankful to my mom for defrosting our "berry freezer" while she was here, so it's ready for the bounty. It is already holding some raspberries, marionberries, and currants from our own garden, which my folks helped pick while they were here.
first Kentucky fiber in progress

both Kentucky fibers spun and ready to ply

I'm making good mileage (for me) in the Tour de Fleece. Last night I finished spinning the second of the rovings Sara sent to me last year, intentionally going for a slightly thicker single than I spun the first of the rovings. I am going to ply these two together for my "Kentucky two-ply." Now to decide on my next "bit or batt" to tackle. But that will have to wait until; I just heard Rick's truck pull in. Time to pick a passle of blueberries!

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  1. Hope you all can stay semi-sane in the craziness! Enjoy your blueberries--we just picked ours last week. :)

  2. Picking your own fresh blueberries....sounds heavenly! Yummy.

  3. Our young blueberry bushes don't produce nearly enough for our year-long breakfast needs, so we pick in one of Rick's client's commercial fields.

  4. We started Blueberries this year so they are small shrubs. We have made a new friend at the Farmers Market and he has blue berries so I have dried, canned and frozen a lot. Blueberries in Steel cut oats with cinnamon and ginger....yum!

  5. A blueberry patch is on my to do list. Yum. And that single ply is lovely.

  6. Love frozen blueberries with yogurt and granola for breakfast. I have to guy mine from Costco :(


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