Friday, June 20, 2014

Talking shop sheep

Yesterday a couple of sheep people stopped by on their way to Black Sheep Gathering to look at Barbados as a possible future flock sire. I had kept the ewes and lambs in the fold so they were easier to catch and examine; we looked at most of their fleeces and they all seemed to impress.
Since Benny still has all his parts, he was of interest to the visitors, too; they are looking for a ram with a light-colored fleece. White would certainly qualify!
I don't have any photos of Bali Hai, because as our visitors found out yesterday, Bali is a love-sponge. Hard to get a good photo of a sheep who is always in your face looking for petting!
It's nice to have a good excuse to lift coats and fondle fabulous fleeces with like-minded people.  :-)

I haven't had any time since working at Rick's clinic on Tuesday to use my miniSpinner, and probably won't until the puggles are rehomed. Spindles are more portable, so between a doctor's appointment, a meeting, and listening to a presentation, I have found time to finish spinning up the sample fiber that came with my little red Finch:

And here's an updated photo of the elephant in the room winery on our road:

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Hmmm, picture of the ewe and nursing lamb looks like weaning time needs to come to your house as well as mine.

Tyche's Minder said...

Oh geez, the winery got very tall all of a sudden. Maybe they'll put a nice siding on it? And maybe the trees beyond will keep growing taller!

Do you like that spindle? I'm thinking of getting one.

Michelle said...

Yes, Audrey, I thought the same thing! In Blaise's defense, though, she has a very petite mama and is not quite three months old yet. ;-)

TM, I like ALL my Jenkins Turkish spindles; they make such beautiful, finely crafted little spinning tools! That said, this Finch is quickly becoming a favorite among my sizable flock.

Unknown said...

Oh my the lambs are big!! They grow so fast!

I got a kick out of your crossed-out words. LOL. Good ones!