Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tagged, bagged, and delivered

The shortest visit ever to Black Sheep Gathering

Just under the wire of Jet's departure to his new home, Rick helped me tag all the lambs Saturday night.
Yes, there is blood on Benny. He jumped when Rick punched, and got a little half-circle cut out of the bottom edge of his ear, poor boy. So he got two wounds!

After tagging them all, I monkey-picked all the stickers and foxtail seeds out of Jet's fleece. At first he fought the halter, but then he started enjoying the attention and finally melted into my hands.

This morning bright and early I loaded Jet into a big dog crate and Sarai's fleece into the cab and drove to Eugene to deliver both. Jet's new owner looked him over and approved her future flock sire, then he was installed in his deluxe accommodations for the trip to California.
(Love that small stock box; it's just what I need for moving adult sheep in the back of my pick-up!)

Next I grabbed Sarai's fleece, walked briskly through the vendor halls to the Jenkins Woodworking booth, and handed it over to Wanda. I took about 10 seconds to admire a couple tulipwood Turkish spindles before jumping back in my truck to head home. No time to shop; I had a date with some friends and horses I didn't want to miss! (Details from that part of my day will be on my horse blog.)

That's it for today from . . .


Susan said...

That small stock box is terrific! I could use one of those myself. I'm so glad that Jet is able to spread the love at his new place. He is such a sweet guy. I am now going to zip over to your horse blog so I can spend the day, green with envy... :)

Mary Ann said...

What a beauty Jet is... and so comforting to know he is in a good home... and I like that stock box too!

Unknown said...

Giving up the babies to new homes would be a little tough...but knowing they are going to good places would make it OK, I suppose. They look so fine!