Monday, June 16, 2014

Sky high

The cool, cloudy and (very) occasionally damp weather has hung around longer than the meteorologists predicted last week. Fine by me; I prefer cooler temps and dramatic skies!
The rainbow I saw recently was the most brilliant I think I have ever seen. I didn't enhance that photo in any way; the colors really were that vivid.

Today trusses are going up on the winery building.

In case you have wondered what this will look like when finished, there is an architect's rendering on a sign nearby:
That's not a side that most people will see, though. It took me awhile to figure out that the rendering is pictured looking due north; my photos of the construction site are taken looking almost due south.

That's it for today from . . .


Susan said...

That IS the brightest rainbow I have ever seen! And what glorious skies!!! I don't know - every time some architect renders the end result, it never quite matches. I do hope that it blends in (as well as possible, given its gigantic size) and isn't a blot on the landscape.

Lee Anna said...

WOW - wonderful skies, what a beautiful rainbow... nature at its best!

Thanks for the photos, I really enjoy them.
Lee Anna

Unknown said...

I love dramatic skies too, and I run for the camera when I see one! That is a great shot of a brilliant rainbow!

My goodness, the winery is a HUGE building project!

Fiona said...

sensational Photos! Whew that is an enormous back of a building your dealing with. I still cannot believe an obviously commercial building like that can be put up with such a lack of community awareness. Will it impaact the traffic and condition of your roads?

Michelle said...

Susan, it's going to be BIG, any way you cut it. I doubt it will "blend in."

Thanks, Lee Anna! (I've yet to find boning so I can finish your hat; I've got to get on that!)

I guess there's money in them there grapes, Nancy Kay.

Fiona, we are hoping the winery upgrades the road at least as far as their driveway, but we shall see.

Maureen said...

Wow, those photos look like paintings; amazing rainbow!