Saturday, June 07, 2014

My happy pills

Earlier this week at the end of a trying day, I laced on my tennie-runners for some stress relief. I wasn't sure my knee would hold up, but I knew that some pavement-pounding would soothe my roiling emotions. But first I needed to put the sheep in for the night. My beautiful Bali Hai pressed in for some attention, so I grabbed a stool and indulged her – and all the lambs – for awhile. The stress relief started before the walk. ;-)

Another day I headed down to the barn to ride. Jackson ran ahead – and was mobbed. He stood stock still except for his quietly wagging stump while all five lambs checked him out. I missed that shot, but caught this one when Barbados came back for another look at the big, bad wolf:

Yes, the lambs are still getting out even though I have blocked the big spaces under the gates. Rick didn't run the fencing wire clear down to the ground, and although it gets tighter every day, the lambs can still squeeze under. Here are the three boys, just after being shooed from the yard. You can see that the gap between wire and ground is hock-high:
This posting every day is more challenging than I expected it to be! Sometimes I find myself at the end of the day with photos and thoughts, but short on time and energy to put them together. It doesn't help that this year's allergies are particularly virulent, conspiring with my hormones to keep me from sleeping through the night. I wish counting sheep helped me sleep, but I'll take the stress relief that communing with them provides!

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Pam in FLA said...

Ooh, snuggly lambies.... the ultimate in stress relief! Too bad you can't bottle THAT and sell it. ;-)

Unknown said...

Snuggling and scratching the lambies...that's the best feeling ever. So cute. Your pictures tell good stories!