Thursday, June 05, 2014

Little pretties

The petunia-like plant (can't remember it's name) I bought for my hanging basket is going great guns! I got another for my urn-like pot, below, but it's in deep shade and not blooming nearly as much. I need to move it.

I've mentioned before that I find Japanese maples as beautiful as flowers. The photos below are various leaves on just one of the little Japanese maples I bought last fall.
Trust me, my photos don't do the colors justice!

That's it for today from . . .


Miss Effie said...

The little petunia is calibracoa ... totally wrong spelling but hopefully, you can get the name from that! ;)

I too, love Japanese Maples .... the pic is beautiful!

Susan said...

Oh, thank you Miss Effie! I LOVE that plant - it's so beautiful! Now I have to try and find one. I would love to grow Japanese maples, but I think our climate is too harsh. I will have to content myself with yours... :)

farmlady said...

Oh my... a variegated Japanese Maple. How lovely. I didn't know they came in this variety.
The Petunia is beautiful. I love having them in my garden too. The color and the fragrance are always a lifting of the spirits.