Sunday, June 01, 2014

From back to bag

If I didn't harvest it, Sarai's fleece was going to just fall off. Time to roo-roo-roo my sheep!

One of my biggest challenges when rooing is how to keep the fleece together and clean. I started at Sarai's chest and worked up her left shoulder, doing my best to keep the rooed fleece on her back. Then I worked up her right shoulder, and started peeling the fleece back. It became too much to handle, so I got an idea: maybe I could bag it as I went.
It worked!

I was so pleased with how easily Sarai rooed this year. Last year I did it too soon, which meant I had to tug too hard and Sarai was left naked and sore. This year she stood quietly most of the time – and looked like a million bucks when I was done.
Sarai really is a treasure. Her structure and fleece are both gorgeous,
she produced the fanciest lambs I've ever had here, and is raising those growthy twins without dropping a pound. Pretty is as pretty does; both lambs have fleeces that look just like mama's:

I am rather shocked that no one reserved Sarai's fleece this year; along with Marta's and Browning's fleeces, it is still available. Not for long, though. If I get caught up enough before it sells, I'm keeping it for mySELF!

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melanie said...

(Drool!) I don't even spin and I love that fleece!

Susan said...

Oh, heavens! That IS beautiful fleece. If I didn't have a truckload of my own, I'd grab it in an instant.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful job and fleece!

Mary Ann said...

My goodness, I have learned SO MUCH from reading your blog!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful fleece - and good job on sheering her.

Anonymous said...

ME! er, I really don't need a fleece but I started dreaming of running my hands through and spinning it as the pictures were being reveled... Let me know (email) how much it weighs and the cost. If someone else is interested I'd be game to take a partial fleece.

Unknown said...

Brilliant idea on the 'back to bag' and yes Sarai does look very good after rooing. And her fleece looks delicious. That's going to spin into some lovely lofty yarn.

Michelle said...

Careful, Melanie; you might fall down the fiber rabbit hole just like I did! ;-)

And if I had more time, Susan, I'd keep all my fleeces for myself, like a selfish little piggy.

No skill required, Sara; it just peeled right off!

Maybe it's time to put it to use, Mary Ann – now that you have more time to "play."

Nancy Kay, I didn't have to use any shearing tools but my hands. When a fleece can be removed at the natural break – or rise – in the wool, it is called rooing.

SOLD to the woman with the beautiful spindles!

I can't wait to see what you do with Bing's fleece, Shelly.

Fiona said...

That fleece is simply stunning!

Kim said...

I'm so impressed that you shear yourself. Looks like wonderful fleece!