Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two in the hand OR one in the arms – PRICELESS!

Tuesday both Bali and Barbados discovered the joys of being stroked and scritched. That leaves only Blaise, below, yet to be wooed. Her mama is understandably nervous when humans are around because of all the shots she's gotten, and that's rubbed off on her daughter. Now that the shots are over and Marta is doing well, we will have to spend some quality time together rebuilding and building trust.

I took the photos below last night. The consistency of Bali's and Barbados' fleeces from ears to tail is truly amazing.
See Spot?
Got milk?
Sarai outdid herself with her first lambing!

This morning a couple friends from church came out to snoggle lambs. They made friends with Bali and Barbados, met wee Blaisie, and then there was a mutual love-fest with Benny and Jet. While Benny would not have turned down a bottle, he demonstrated that one can get drunk on love.  :-)

That's it for now from a besotted . . .


A :-) said...

SO cute!!!! :-)

Pat Byrd said...

Hi, you are truly blessed. I love to check each day to see how they are growing. I read your blog the first thing each day.
Keep up the love, Pat/GA

Sandy said...


So precious and beautiful!!!
I love these pictures :-)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Aww Michelle
I wish I could visit and cuddle them all too - they are so adorable.
You care for them so well - beautiful clean fresh straw and a warm barn to sleep in - it doesn't get better than that if you're a sheep!
Shane xox

Tammy said...

Love the moonspot and that you got TWO Girls this year.


Mary Ann said...

They are SO beautiful, Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks, everyone! Now that all lambing season is over, it's the fun season – LAMB season!

Pat, that is high praise. I will do my humble best to make your early morning visit worth it!

Shane, they would probably prefer to be out on grass 24/7, but I don't trust the predators.

Tammy, I am SO thrilled – even if it means I now have two black gulmogets and two black katmogets for breeding ewes. :-)

Good to see you here, Mary Ann. I know you've been swamped!