Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Lambs all labeled and on the loose

Yesterday morning I was pondering suitable names for Sarai's twins when the ewe lamb's name floated into my mind like a hauntingly sweet melody . . . Bali Ha'i. It fits her exotic, long-legged good looks; I think she bears a strong resemblance to the actress Betta St. John, who played Liat who lived on Bali Ha'i with her mother Bloody Mary.   ;-)
After that, it was short work for Brian choose her twin's name from my list of Caribbean place names that begin B. He thought Barbados sounded most masculine. :-)

Yesterday felt as balmy as a South Pacific island, so I let all the ewes and lambs out for some pasture time. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and no one got too pushy or defensive about introductions. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.
WhitePine Sarai, Boulderneigh Barbados and Boulderneigh Bali Ha'i
"Hi there; it's nice to have another girl to play with!"
One-week-old Blaise dwarfed by one-day-old twins!
"When you get a little stronger, we'll race, okay?"

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Mama Pea said...

You must have a big smile on your face all day long with all those little lambie munchkins to watch!

Maureen said...

Oh my gosh.... I just want to be there and hug them all!!! So very, very adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the new names. And Benny looks like quite the bruiser compared to the newcomers!

Spinners End Farm said...

Sweet. I love watching a gang of lambs playing! They'll be bouncing all over your field. :) Great names too.

Nancy Kay said...

What a nice post; I enjoyed hearing about the naming of the lambs. And I LOVE that you chose Bali Ha'i. The pictures are wonderful.

Jody said...


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Michelle.. love the names, and Bali Hai was always a favorite song from South Pacific... kudos to you and Brian!

Bill said...

Your pasture looks great. I'm envious. :)

Fiona said...

The comparison of actress and lamb is uncanny for the resemblance...and Sarai is still round! Lovely post!

Pam in FLA said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! So much CUTE in one post! I just would not be able to take my eyes off of them were I there. You'd have to put ME out to pasture too, I guess!

Your names are awesome.... and sooo very sophisticated. I imagine they'll be striking their little lambie *Vogue-poses* any day now. ; )

Pam in FLA said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my what cutie pies! Nothing to warm the soul and heart more than a field filled with bouncing baby lambs! I can feel your grin all the way out here in NH!
Hugs my sweet blogging sister,

Susan said...

Such beautiful lambs! And girls! It's so amazing to see the different sizes and colorings - gorgeous crop of lambies!!!

Michelle said...

I do enjoy them so, Mama Pea! They aren't out on pasture all day yet, but the grass is maturing and that will soon be an option. That means the grass is getting TALL, too, so the sheep are much harder to see out there!

Maureen, you'd have several willing candidates!

Thanks, Sue, and yes, Benny IS built like a brick house now. ;-)

SEF, they aren't all playing together yet, but that will come.

I'm glad you enjoyed it all, Nancy Kay! Naming is one of my favorite parts….

Jody, I am SO pleased with the lambs this year!

True confession, Mary Ann; I sing "her" song to Bali Ha'i. :-)

It does look good this spring, Bill (and welcome! Wish I could get my Midwestern man to convert to raised beds as you are doing.).

I thought so, too, Fiona! And yes, Sarai is well-fed. Wish she'd share some of it with old Annabelle. :-/

Thanks, Pam. Sarai's twins are quite the lookers, whether they are trying to strike a pose or not!

It is such a relief to have the lambing and post-lambing concerns behind us, Beth. Now it's all fun and games!

I WAS blessed with quite the variety this year, Susan. I hope to repeat the breedings with Marta and Sarai next year (and hopefully get more solids!), and then will have to figure out the best ram to cross on Nightcap's wonderful offspring.

Kim said...

What a nice set of twins! Love the girls name.

Michelle said...

I couldn't have ordered nicer ones if given the choice, Kim! Okay, well maybe both girls…. ;-)