Friday, May 17, 2013

What you get when you encourage me

Probably too many photos.

Oreo was lolling with abandon on the gravel in front of the barn this morning while I was doing chores. I can't get good candids of her if she sees me, so I played sneaky and hid in the sheep fold to take these.

As you can see, she eventually spotted me and then had to act all regal. Cats; always worrying about their image!

So I turned my attention to the pullets. They are growing into their legs – and their puffy petticoats are adorable!

I finally figured out why Brian named this one Two-Tone:
See the two shades of red alternating on her chest? It's quite distinctive once you notice it!

Speaking of Brian, he is spending the night at Grandma's apartment.

From a quiet . . .


Tombstone Livestock said...

There are advantages to Grandma living close by, enjoy the quiet. Oreo is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend my friend! It's still cool here and gardening just isn't very appealing with all the black flies still around so it's a lazy day working on some projects that have been neglected lately.
Beth P

shelly hancock said...

Some sweet filling to add to being in the 'sandwich'; more time for Brian to build memories with his Grandmother.

I just love Oreo's face, just enough white to highlight her mustache.

Michelle said...

Yes, there are, TL. :-)

Beth, it's cool and wet here, too, but no black flies, thankfully!

That's a good way to put it, Shelly.