Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prime real estate

The pullets have decided that the top of the hay feeder in their pen is their roost, even though the concrete blocks in the lower left corner support a very nice branch for perching:
All six are up there, even though only five heads are showing

This afternoon we were at a church member's house for potluck. Sitting on her back patio we noticed a chickadee couple flying in and out of one of her bird houses. They were ever so much more entertaining in real life than shows in my photos! They had to do a little shimmy to get in and out of the hole; it was a hoot to watch.
Taken from my first vantage point; too close for their comfort
Oooh, someone's getting flowers for Mother's Day!
That's it for today from . . .


  1. I love chickadees! My parents have a chickadee that just appeared one day that will light on their hand and take a peanut. It's wonderful - they are so tiny. I love the pictures.

  2. Fantastic shots of the chickadees! They are hilarious little birds. So small and yet so bold. Love the first pic of the chickens! That made me grin big time.

  3. great photos and happy mother's day!


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