Sunday, May 05, 2013

Crazy May

Wow. It's been in the 80s. Our garden is in and needs frequent watering. Hay is being baled. Spring sprang away and summer has landed solidly in the Willamette Valley – it's a bit of a shock to the system! For my system, that is; for my mother-in-law, the weather has provided an easy transition. She arrived from Mesa, AZ last week to live in the area for the summer (a retirement "test run").

We spent today "shopping" for and moving furniture and other essentials into her apartment, and I'm bushed. But everything came together beautifully. My dear friend who is in Saipan offered the use of her furniture, which was being stored at her dad's place. Everything you see here is a result of that generosity:

A queen mattress and box spring were located through an ad in one of my clients' newsletters, and in the process, Rick and I scored a lovely sofa table for ourselves:

We went to Goodwill to look for some dishes and kettles. This china was as reasonable as any dishes there, and fit my MIL's tastes to a T:

I didn't make much of a dent in MY to-do list today, but what I DID accomplish was enjoyable. This Wednesday my homeschool Textiles students will work on plying their yarn, so whenever I've had any downtime, I've been busy adding yardage to their singles (hopefully they will have enough for their woven samples) and then winding center-pull balls. My husband commented on how bad some of the students' singles look ("like rope"), but I think it's pretty cool art yarn!

That's it for a long, hot day's work at . . .


Tina T-P said...

Wow, what great scores for your MIL - and I agree with you - people pay a lot for that "rope-y art yarn look" Do you remember when your spinning looked like that - I do - and I couldn't spin that way any more if I needed to.

Thanks for your comment on my blogoversary post - We are looking forward to seeing you in Eugene this year - hope you'll be there. T.

Florida Farm Girl said...

The weather has been weird all over. You're getting hot and we actually put the heat on yesterday morning to take the chill off! I'm not even sure its hit 80 here at my house yet this year, but I know its coming!! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this cool weather.

Your friend was very generous and had a good heart to loan your MIL the furniture for the test run.

Susan said...

It looks like your MIL will be quite comfortable! And nice sofa table for you! I think that your students' efforts look lovely - I happen to like that thick/thin look. It reminds me of MY first efforts.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

good grief...80's??? it's 50's, barely, cold, windy, rainy and summer is a word in the dictionary -grin-.
as to the yarn, have you seen Ozarks yarn?‎
You've a blessing in that friend!