Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Um, yeah; that's supposed to be gravel in the foreground

We had August temperatures at the beginning of the month; now we're having March temperatures! Last night we contemplated building a fire in the wood-burning insert, but just pulled on an extra polarfleece  and shivered instead. Today's high is supposed to be a record low, although if we break 50 degrees it will still be warmer than yesterday. Crazy! But the rain is a welcome blessing, and I plan to take advantage of its soil-softening action to pull as many weeds in our driveway and iris bed as possible. I'll give Brian the benefit of free vocational training, too (he's been doing yard work for a couple of our neighbors); I'm such a generous mom. ;-)

At least my buns will be cozy – and beautifully presented! Adrienne knit this lovely piece for me to Pay It Forward, and it coordinates perfectly with my grandma's Franciscan Rose dishes.

I recently finished a cozy little gift project myself by knitting a row here and there when I could. Who knew they'd look so tempting in late May? (And I guess they coordinate with my dishes, too.)

The sheep are still confined for Bart's sake, which has given me more opportunities to cozy up to them. My herding assistant (a certain adolescent) has been less than calm when helping with them, so my flock had all gotten decidedly more skittish. I'm working on rectifying that!

That's it for today from . . .


  1. Whew! Finally got caught up with you. So many lovely pictures. Didn't realize you were so dry :-/. Love the grosbeaks!

  2. We built a fire last night and one tonight. I was hoping to sleep outside this weekend but I don't think it's going to happen. I know this is Oregon, but this is ridiculous.

  3. Oh my, I wish I was your assistant. I wouldn't get much work done with your animals and they would all be spoiled to death. I just want to give each of those dear sheepy faces a kiss.

  4. Oh, it's PERFECT with that plate!! :-)

    And it's raining and blustery and COLD here, too - I should have worn a warmer coat than my raincoat today.

  5. Sheep are so sensitive! It's always a good thing to get cozy with one's sheep. :) I love those fingerless gloves - have you shared the pattern and I missed it? And that bun warmer is beautiful! I'd be afraid to put buns in it! My great aunt had that Franciscan pattern. It's always been one of my favorites.

  6. We're not dry now, Sara, thanks for this return-to-winter weather we're "enjoying." Don't know that we've made it back up to average yet, but it certainly helps

    Isn't it crazy, Ruth? I have a fire going right now!

    If I didn't have Brian to teach/train/supervise, I probably WOULD spend way too much time with the animals....

    I know, Adrienne! I was so tickled when I realized it went with that set!

    I think I've shared the pattern, Susan, but here it is again (on Ravelry):


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