Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And the dish ran away with the spoon

So what have you been up to? How are you coping with the resetting of the clocks? (Please do not tell me if you live in a place free from this silly human convention; it would tempt me with jealousy.) Life here has been hurtling along....

Sunday I showed my new horse for the second time, and then headed home to tackle laundry and such. But when I got home, there was a message from my mom saying they had a surgery date. My dad has responded so quickly to the tumor-shrinking drugs that the doctors determined he didn't need the second round of treatment and was ready for surgery in half the time expected. This is great news! So I called and conferred with my folks and then made travel arrangements to be in Houston with them for that. I will be gone for a week, and am really looking forward to this time alone with my parents. On top of that, I will get to see my brother, who is incarcerated a few hours from Houston.

Yesterday I took Brian to Newberg for his science class, and used the two hours to work on a big project for a client. The science class was followed by Brian's weekly violin lesson, twice as long this week so Brian and his teacher had time for extra work on pieces. Feel like tapping your toes? Here are a couple clips from parts of two fiddle songs Brian has been working on, with his teacher joining in with an Irish bouzouki:

Violin lessons are knitting time!
Then we dashed home to let the dogs out and do schoolwork before heading to my husband's clinic to cover for his sick secretary and finish Brian's schoolwork and my client's big job. From there Brian and I drove back to Newberg for a meeting (Rick and I both had meetings last night; I won the parenting lottery and had to take Brian with me.) Thankfully not all our days are as hectic as that! But 'home'school is really a misnomer; a day spent entirely at home is a rare and precious thing.

Today is one of those rare days, so I took the time during chores this morning to check the rams' fleeces. As I suspected, Cadbury is in the rise; I was able to roo (pluck) a last-rib, mid side sample for micron testing. Cadbury did not like it, though, and there was little growth under what came off, so I think I'll wait a bit before torturing rooing him all over.

Then I checked Blake. His basically white fleece came off beautifully last year; this year it has more color and is still as tight as a tick. Interesting!
Maybe tonight when I bring the ewes and wethers in, I'll halter and check the status of Sarai's fleece.

The last few days have brought bright rays of 'sunshine':

I hope you are enjoying sunshine of some sort today wherever you are!

That's it for today from . . .


  1. Brian is sounding terrific! It's better than the classics (although I do like classical music) - but I love fiddle playing! Sending prayers along with you to Texas.

    1. Then you'll be relieved to know that I also had a video clip of a Vivaldi piece Brian is working on, but it had some timing problems so I didn't post it. ;-)

      Thanks for the prayers and keep 'em coming!

  2. Trying to deal with time change and weather changes both at the same time. Glad the critters clocks are on sun time, so they forgive me for sleeping late. First Shetland lamb for the year was born last night, little black ewe.

    1. Oh, pictures, please! And congrats on a EWE!

  3. Oh how I envy Brian....being able to play the violin. I've always wanted to do that, but there is no one around here to take lessons from. I'm also sending prayers for your dad.

  4. Piano lesson time is a knit time for me. Brian is doing so well!

  5. Michelle, first off... good for your dad, I'm glad. Brian's skill at fiddle music is amazing, I love classical but have a special place in my heart for folk pieces on the fiddle (NOT violin, in that case!) The wool looks great (Like I would know, but to ME it looks great) and your piece, as usual, very nice.

  6. So glad for good news for your dad!


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