Monday, November 26, 2012

'Tis the season, say the sheep

Sunset over western Washington

What gorgeous weather we had for our return trip yesterday. Even better, we had the same gorgeous weather here at home today!

The boys at large; L-R, Cadbury, Blake and Bunker.
The sheep were exuberant at being let out this morning. I don't ask the person doing our farm chores to wrangle them in and out of their fold, so they've been cooped (folded?) up. I even let the rams out; when Rick and Brian cleaned out the Ram-ada Inn, Rick set up a connected lot in the woods for them. Sometimes they abuse the privilege and start sparring seriously, but today they were happy to snoop around and joust with saplings...
...until they caught sight of some pretty girls batting their eyelashes a short distance away!
Bramble and Bonny like the 'scenery'
Annabelle was baa-ing "Come hither" in a soft, sultry voice, the hussy!
I quickly decided that rams and ewes in direct line of sight separated only by two flimsy wire fences and 50 feet of open space was pure foolishness, and put the rams back in their Inn. Oh, it was a wee bit tempting to halter Blake and bring him over for a quick visit with Annabelle, who was obviously cycling, but I was a good wife (I told Rick I wasn't breeding any sheep this year).
But if any of the available sheep find new homes soon, there's always her next cycle! ;-)

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Laura said...

You're stronger than I would be... I would be thinking, "I wonder what would I get if..."

Anonymous said...

These husbands! They just want to be all sensible about the whole thing. I was able to "bargain" for breeding six of my ewes this year, rather than all of them. To me it just seems wrong to go into spring with no babies! (Hope you find new homes for some)

Ruth Dixon said...

I saw a lil' Shetland/Gotland cross ewe who was a 4-H showmanship project, bred to a Shetland ram, due in January on Facebook an hour and a half from us. They are only asking $50 for her. I keep thinking "oooo, that'd make 5 ewes due instead of only 4". But, our Suffolk ewes are racist and would beat her up because she's a beautiful brown color. You could get her, Michelle-that way, you didn't breed anyone, but you still get a baby?