Friday, November 02, 2012

Singin' in the rain

Yesterday, in the midst of dark, drizzly dampness, my favorite tree was making beautiful music:

Although I know they weren't singing about the rain, my husband and son did work in it yesterday, putting that new fork attachment to work mucking out the Ram-ada Inn. They didn't get it completely stripped (there was a LOT of build-up!), but they made great headway and pronounced the tool a success.

Yesterday in the comments, Mary Ann expressed surprise at our small acreage. Trust me, I'd love more – we just can't afford more! Still, I am very thankful for our little piece of heaven here. I think it looks  bigger because of our surroundings – and how I shoot my photos. For instance, in the photos above that I took this morning, the sheep are next to the fence which is our property line; those golden woods are not ours. I try to avoid including the neighboring houses in my shots; I think God's handiworks are generally so much lovelier than those of humans.

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Tombstone Livestock said...

How did Rick attach the fork to the tractor bucket? I have seen attachments for picking up rocks that can be bought for buckets, but I like the do it yourself aspect. I do have ripper bars for the scraper but bucket attachment would be more practical.

Michelle said...

He drilled hole in the bars and the bucket so he can bolt it on and off.