Friday, November 16, 2012

Chicken camo

The other day I noticed how well the newest Easter Eggers, Peaches (top) and Sweet Cheeks, blended into the leaf-banked walls of the chicken yard. I don't think either of these girls have started laying yet, but they are integrated into the flock and are pretty, gentle girls. Thank-you for them, Laura! I now have four speckled hens, three brown hens, three golden hens, and a single all-white hen (all of a sudden I have 'The 12 Days of Christmas' on the brain!). These eleven are only averaging two eggs a day this month, but that's enough for our needs and the occasional customer. I think I'll take a dozen when we go to Spokane for Thanksgiving next week.
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My time and attention for blogging has been suffering lately. I have too much on my plate, and the holiday season, like a giant jolly ogre, is standing by ready to heap on more, so much more. I'm not sure when this season went from being fun to frenzied. Probably about the time that my perception of time went from normal to warp speed. To a kid a year has vast stretches with nothing special happening; they impatiently anticipate the arrival of the fall and winter with its festivities (especially for those with birthdays then, like me). When you reach a certain age, time becomes a creature with wings, and in its rapid flight there doesn't seem to be time to appreciate all the special activities that the holidays bring – on top of all the usual responsibilities and activities.

And overarching it all, my thoughts constantly turn to my folks. I am waiting to hear news. My folks are at MD Anderson in Houston, TX, getting a second opinion on the best course of action for my dad's cancer. A new wrinkle arose just before they went down; continued prayers are appreciated.

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C-ingspots said...

I think your chickens are beautiful!!
I can sooo relate to the time being at warp speed. It's shocking to me just how quickly it's whizzing by. But, I'm committed to going through the holidays as quietly and slowly as possible. No big plans, no expectations and just a simple and thankful affair. I want to really try and slow down and enjoy this little, special moments. I will keep your dad in my prayers Michelle. :)

Michelle said...

So Lorie, wanna take one of my big plans off my plate and put it onto YOURS? I'd happily hand off the hosting of the Son Rise Christmas party, which happens two days after Rick gets back/Brian's birthday. Ack!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Will do!

Laura said...

They do have camo!! I know I've asked before - do you have a light in the coop? Not a heat lamp, a 40-60w regular light? I have mine on a timer - it comes on at 4 am (I have a very quiet roo), and off at 8 am, then back on about 4:30 and off at 8 PM. I'm getting between 8-10 eggs a day from 12 hens.

I'm glad they've settled in!!

Kelly said...

Prayers are the easiest thing to give. Done.

Mama Pea said...

Sending prayers for your folks and hoping they get good news.

We're getting only one egg a day right now. Definitely not enough especially considering holiday baking time is fast approaching!

farmlady said...

Your coup sounds like our Chicken coop. Our new hens are just starting to lay. It's wonderful. We were down to one older chicken laying one egg a day. Now we have enough to share with our neighbors again.
Don't apologize for the blogging slow down. Blogging has to fit in between the rest of life. We all understand.
I wish the best for your father and pray that he gets the treatments that he needs. They work wonders these days.