Friday, July 20, 2012

Friendship & fiber Friday

 Bing has finally forgiven me. He was a friendly chap before we banded him, but that didn't go well and he lost all trust in humans (a band broke, then Rick pulled a band too tight, so it took three tries). While he and Bittersweet were separated for weaning I worked on gentling both of them, and he's slowly come back around. Now he's a sweet tail-wagger again; I'm so happy!

Last night I finished plying the superfine Merino on my miniSpinner, completing my Tour de Fleece goals (but for the skeining of this) early. So I set myself a "dash to the finish line" goal of spinning the white BFL that Laura used as packing material for a horse bit she sent me. I'm spinning this fingering weight to ply with the very fine purple single on the spindle in yesterday's post; the fine single will add visual interest but very little weight to the final yarn.

Friday's floral offering:

That's it for today from . . .

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Sharon said...

I love those colors are your bobbin and that pretty white fluff on your Jenkins is awfully nice too. You are prolific!