Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ready for a break

Yesterday was the last day of homeschool co-op classes for the school year, and I'm ready for a break! I taught two classes spring term - "Living History: World War II" and "Figure Drawing, Part II." All I have left to do is deliver the students' and my thank-you notes to the guest speakers for the first class; spray-mount submitted sketches from the second class on matt board to display at the year-end expo on Friday; and bake a big batch of cookies for the same.

Brian takes violin year-round and will continue to do schoolwork through the summer, but in a much more relaxed fashion. Without weekly co-op and bi-weekly church youth group, there will be more leeway in our schedule for play dates and other fun stuff. Maybe I can even get him to ride his pony! I want to fit in more "play dates" myself; I have two longtime friends in the area who are moving far away this summer (one to AZ and one to HA) so I definitely want to see them as much as possible before they leave.

My horse will be laid up for awhile yet, so there's no excuse time-wise to not get myself in better shape. There will be plenty of flower and vegetable gardening to work on, sheep goings and comings to coordinate, fiber to spin and projects to knit, too. I've signed up for three Tour de Fleece teams on Ravelry in hopes of spinning a lot of fiber with my miniSpinner and my spindles during this summer's Tour de France.

Sakaki, my current knitting project, is coming along beautifully. I love the color and the fluid drape of the yarn, and am already looking forward to making more - next time with beads! I never thought of myself as a beads'n'lace kinda gal; guess that proves you can even surprise yourself once in a while. :-)

Obviously, I'll still be busy as a bee, but I'm looking forward to have a bit more time to smell the rhodies now.
I hope you do, too!
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Susan said...

You always have a full plate, Michelle! That shawl looks lovely - love the color!

Christine said...

I miss homeschooling. I don't miss the work but I miss interacting with other homeschoolers. We just found out he was accepted into the program he wanted so going back to school this last year was worth it, but I really do miss it. Never thought I'd say that!