Saturday, May 14, 2011

More bird beauties

Yesterday morning I took some time to see who I could capture at the feeder. Here are a few more of our "frequent flyers" for your enjoyment.

"Red" finch. I can't tell if it's a House, Purple or Cassin's finch, but according to this site, that's a common dilemma.

Male black-headed grosbeak working it like a runway model!

Mr. and Mrs. Evening Grosbeak.

Mrs. Evening Grosbeak by herself.

Next I have some photos to show you from our walk today.


Sharon said...

I'm going to vote for house finch since it doesn't have a tufted crown, but wowzers, does that bird have a beak - must be Semitic. We had four evening grosbeak for about a week for the first time. I love their song. Snow in the forecast for the next four days - won't be listening to bird songs for a bit.

Tina T-P said...

WoW~ those are some beautiful birds!! - I'm not good at keeping a feeder filled, so I've opted to not have one - but I really miss seeing all the pretty ones. T.

Laura said...

It's a purple finch - Cassin's finches have lighter under parts and barring on their breasts.

I love the grosbeaks - they're just too cool!

Rayna said...

I would vote for purple, judging by his facial coloration :) Beautiful photos! :)