Monday, May 30, 2011

Da Do Run Run Run

Whew; that's what this long holiday weekend has felt like - lots of doing and running!

Saturday we went to church and potluck, then came home to an email saying that one of our Christian trail-riding club members (who went on the horse-camping trip we didn't) had taken a spill and was in a Portland hospital with a "separated pelvis." So that evening we drove up to see him, getting home late.

Sunday morning we attended a funeral for a church member and friend, stayed for potluck, then drove on to get a pick-up load of hay/straw. Unloaded that when we got home, and then Brian cleaned out the henhouse while I pulled thistles and Rick planted the spindly little garden seedlings we started in the house.

Monday morning Rick helped me tag the lambs and strip the sheep fold. Then I worked on our church's newsletter, while Rick and Brian worked on electric fence and a desk for Brian's workshop. (The workshop doesn't exist yet, but Brian has been insistent about his need for this desk.) Rick and I got the rest of the garden planted, except for green beans and summer squash (need seeds).

Knitting was prominent throughout the weekend. I wore my Sakaki to church (photo courtesy of Brian, just for those of you who pressed for a photo of it on me) and to the funeral; it was just enough warmth for both cool, grey days. While driving to the hospital, waiting in the sitting area while our friend got additional x-rays, waiting in the truck for Rick to load hay, and watching the nightly news, I knit on Alcyone.

The latest iris to open:

That's it for the holiday weekend from . . .


Sharon said...

I love your shawlette but immediately my mind starts thinking about adding sleeves. I'm shawl challenged. Sounds like the weekend of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - so sorry about the loss of your friend.

Susan said...

What a lovely job (and yarn choice) on your Sakaki. It's so nice to have willing and helpful hands around - Brian is getting tall~! I wish I could go pick some hay up, but there is none to be had. It's getting scary... So sorry to hear about your friend(s).

Kelly Bartels said...

I loved the shawl when I first saw it, but it's simply wonderful ON you!
Sorry to hear of your friend's passing.

Cariann said...

Very pretty shawl. and thanks to Brian for taking a photo of you so we can see you and the lovely shawl together.