Friday, February 06, 2009

One down, many to go

Last night I finally tackled sewing the seams on my friend's late Christmas/birthday Sonnet. It's not that I hate sewing seams, it's that I hate sewing anything with this chenille yarn! It's not fun to knit with, either, but it does make a soft, lightweight garment. Today I did a crochet slip stitch edging around the neck opening and bottom hem - my first but definitely not my last dance with that technique! I'll weave in the ends tonight (Pam didn't want buttons) and give it to her tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to show you mom and daughter in their matching cardis someday.

I've already started on one of my Pay It Forward gifts, but need to set it aside for the Traditional Knitting list gift exchange I signed up for. Somehow it had slipped my mind that this "one-skein-from-your-stash household item" needs to be in the mail by March 2; I was reminded when I got my designated recipient's name and address this week. I'm torn between knitting a cotton dishcloth (and maybe using that crochet slip stitch I'm newly enamored with to add the recipient's name in the middle) or knitting up another mini-Himalayan tote out of the remaining recycled sari silk I have. Decisions, decisions.

Then it's back to making gifts for the five people who signed up for my Pay It Forward exchange. And spinning alpaca top. Just how much "free time" did I think I have?

Struggling to chew all I've bit off at . . .


Nancy K. said...

That sweater is beautiful, Michelle!
Someday.... said...

It is gorgeous! Love that chennille, though it may be a pain to work with. ;)

Tina T-P said...

What a pretty sweater - It looks very soft and cozy. T.

Windyridge said...

Nice job! It's a great feeling to finish something, esp. a project that big.

ga.farmwoman said...

Hey Michelle,
The chenille sweater is beautiful.You did a great job on it.
Just to let you know, I received my ornament and love it.