Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another award!

I actually got TWO awards yesterday! Mud Ranch gave me the Fabulous Blog award; I'm blushing. This blog award comes with the responsibilities to list five things I’m "addicted" to and then pass it on to five more bloggers. Here are my addictions:

1) Animals - I love animals; I NEED animals in my life! Only animals give unconditional love; I cannot imagine a life void of animal friends.
2) Digital camera - I have gotten addicted to the instant gratification, the ease of putting photos on my computer to save or share with others, and the freedom from buying film and paying for processing. What an invention!
3) My computer (make mine a Mac) - what would I do without my blogpals, email and the internet? Ack! Don't make me find out!
4) Mochas of many flavors, hot or cold - I love the flavor of coffee mingled liberally with skim milk and sweet flavorings.
5) Sugar - yes, I have a sweet tooth. When I was a preschooler we lived with my maternal grandmother, one of the world's best bakers, for awhile. While "helping" her in the kitchen one day, she asked me if I had a sweet tooth. My response: "I have 32 sweet teeth!" (And doesn't my dentist know it!)

Let's see, five fabulous blogs that have not already received this award (I think):
1) Miss Peach's Meowz - I cannot imagine how much time Miss Peach's mommy Karla puts into her beautiful creations and her beautiful blog. And she's always doing things for others, too.
2) Tammy at Wrensong Farm is a relative newcomer to blogging, but a life-long animal-lover like me - and it shows.
3) Kathleen features her artwork on her Tulip Tree Hill blog: her creativity and whimsy fascinate me!
4) On High Ridge Highlights, Sharrie shares shots of sheep, scripture, shaggy dogs (collies) and - be still my heart - bulldog puppies that her son raises. Sigh.
5) Karen is another fellow animal-lover, birdwatcher and Shetland shepherd.

I also want to pass along the Lemonade Stand award to the following blogs:
1) Molly Bee's Attic - This woman is FUNNY, and amazes me with her positive attitude in spite of the fact that her husband blindsided her with a divorce and turned her life upside down.
2) A Blip on the Radar - That's what Tina decided to call the diagnosis and treatment for uterine cancer, and the blog she started about it, back in 2006. I think her positive attitude played a big role in making the title of her blog a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Thanks so much, Michelle! I appreciate the compliment. And by the way, in case you hadn't guessed, I am also an animal lover - dogs first, then sheep, chickens, geese, ... etc.

Sharrie said...

And........I'm a Mac, too.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Michelle thank you ever so much for this beautiful award. It is very chic to say the least...the way I would like to look most days and miss the mark each one. When I lived in Germany, I would always wear a dress even to go to the grocery store...
Spring will be here soon and the lambs are much anticipated as is the anniversary of the first Easter. It is sunny today and I am feeling lazy....Oh and watch the mailman...he will be bringing you a little surprise
Hugs Karla

Deborah said...

Interesting -- your list of addictions is the same as mine!