Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The sheep speak

"Hey Food Lady, what's the deal with the girls around here?"

"Rams! They are SOOO impressed with themselves, and think we should be, too. I wish he'd just leave me alone. You would think that having 15 lambs in seven years would be enough to earn me some peace."

"Just keep eating, Brava. Maybe he won't notice us."

"Oh shoot, he's coming this way!"

"Maybe that cute little Butter would be easier to woo."

"At least you're nice to me; I appreciate the chin scratch."

"Thanks; I feel better now. I know they can't resist my charms forever!"

That's it from the breeding group at . . .

1 comment:

Rayna said...

You know what's REALLY scary Michelle? He's the ram from my DREAM! I blogged about him a while ago...on the 13th. Wierd! Creepy...