Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Huff, huff, pant, pant.... Whew!

Tomatoes (ours and a bunch given to us) canned in one form or another? Check.
Remaining garden produce picked and stored in frig? Check.
Clients' "must-finish" jobs finished, proofed and sent to client or printer? Check.
Knitting for trip (for wedding!) organized? Check.
Chores arranged? Check.
Violin lesson rescheduled? Check.
Substitutes found for homeschool co-op classes? Check.
Laundry caught up so everyone has enough clothes for the trip? Check.
Everything packed for play, exercise, vespers (including Brian's violin and music), church, wedding, and homeschooling? Check.
Jackson delivered to Camp Cummings? In a couple hours.
Camper off-loaded from pick-up so I'm ready to move sheep when I get back? Negative.
House cleaned in the last two weeks? Are you kidding?

Trying to get everything done that HAD to be done before leaving for eight days has me worn out and on edge. It wouldn't have been quite so stressful if Rick hadn't decided we should all go to a Blazers game Sunday afternoon (another post), taking eight hours out of the amount of time I THOUGHT I had to get everything done. It would also have helped if Jackson hadn't been so busy proving that dogs are, indeed, omnivores, not carnivores. While I was absorbed in other tasks, he stole a banana AND an apple off the dining room table and ate them, snitched a too-green-to-process tomato off the kitchen counter and sampled it, and hauled off the smaller pumpkin (purchased for Brian to carve so I could use the good garden pumpkin for cooking) from by the front door into the front lawn to gnaw on.Sigh.

After scrambling through my to-do list this morning, I'm hoping for a pleasant trip with Brian later today (Rick follows in two days) so I can recuperate a bit. We'll have schoolwork to do on the plane, but I'm also taking my laptop (more work to do in TX) and a couple DVDs for Brian to watch so I sit quietly and knit. It would be good to arrive in Texas in a more relaxed state of mind!

That's it for now from . . .


Nancy K. said...

Have a safe trip, Michelle!

Texan Will Travel said...

Just arriving will be good enough, OK, so hurry up and get to Texas!!! Bring your opinions, too, because I can't seem to find the brain power to make any decisions lately. Does it get any better after the wedding? :)

Rayna said...

Drive careful and have fun! :)

Wrensong Farm said...

Try to get Jackson to "camp" before all those fruits and veggies work their way thru his system!! :) If you want a good way to train them to stay off counters,etc. let me know.:) Have a safe trip and take lots of pics!

melanie said...

You deserve a good trip after all that! Hope you enjoy - stay safe.

Pamela said...

WOW! I got tired just reading what all you've gotten done.

Keep safe and have a good time!

Wrensong? Does your training to keep off counter tops involve empty soda cans, gravel, and sticky tape--LOTS of sticky tape? (as you can see, my method can be a bit messy)

A :-) said...

Travel safely - can't wait to see the photos of that red dress :-D

Deb said...

Have a wonderful trip Michelle!
Wishing you all a safe journey ~

Kathy said...

Via con Dios, Chica! Remember to come up for a deep breath of fresh air for yourself once and a while.
I'll be watching for your wave as you pass over...

MollyBeees said...

And I thought I was busy lately! Love that your dog ate a pumpkin! My mum's dog was partial to corn on the cob out of the garden. It was only when she was caught red-pawed that we stopped blamming the 'coons. Same thing with my grandpa's dog and cukes! Ben's partial to crock shoes. They ARE made out of the same stuff as most of his toys!

white_lilly said...

I thought my life was busy,wow! enjoy your time away.
On my blog I did a post about knitters wanted to knit jumpers for premi Aids babies in Africa and C-ingspots Appoloosas recommend I go to your blog because you are a keen knitter anyway if you get time check it out :)

Janet Roper said...

I'm exhausted after reading your post! ;-) Have a safe trip.

PerfectTosca said...

Woot! It's me! Honorary Sheep Doog, Tosca! I wanted to stop by and slobber you a little! I am sorry I haven't been around much. It's The WOman's fault. SHe gets busy and I bite my foot because I can't blog. She keeps telling me, Tosca I gotta buy the premium dog food and that means I'm busy right now! Can you imagine holding food over Perfect Me's Perfect Head? Anyways, I need a good sheep dog job where I can earn my own money and run away from The Woman. When can I get started?