Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall colors (warning: photo heavy)

As you can see, the fall colors at home Sunday morning were quite different than those in the Rose Garden Sunday afternoon!

I think I've mentioned that a horse-camping friend of ours (Greg, above) is the Portland Trailblazers' dentist. Through him we can get greatly discounted tickets to games, so Rick has taken me and Brian on separate game "dates." With last year's top draft pick Greg Oden back in play and a pre-season game on Sunday afternoon, Rick thought it would be a great time for us to all go as a family (he obviously did not appreciate all the other things I HAD to do!). Brian was excited, because when Rick took him he got to shake Greg Oden's hand!
Friend-Greg met us at this entrance and took us down to the family room. There's actually two, one for the adult members of players' families, and one for the kids. Both have age-appropriate food, but Brian was more interested in playing with his friend (Friend-Greg's son) in the toy room.
Once we got seated, Brian was fascinated with all the goings-on.There was Blaze, the Trailblazers mascot, the Blazers Dancers and acrobatic team (cheerleaders?).
Once the game started, Brian employed his complimentary noisemakers whenever possible. (They didn't help; the Blazers still lost.)Synconized dancing?
Above are Brian's favorite player (Greg Oden, #52 - the big guy in white) and mine (Sergio Rodriguez, #11 - the "little" guy in white). That Spaniard was quicksilver on the court! And after the game I got to meet him, and can report that he is very easy on the eyes and ears as well. :-)

Brian was dying to have a #52 jersey; he's wanted to live in the one we got him ever since!

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Wrensong Farm said...

What fun...and great memories for Brian! I liked your synchronized dancing pic! :)

Heather said...

Great fall pictures! I am a basketball nut and really like the Trailblazers. Brian has great taste in basketball stars!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Sharon said...

Poor Brian - I can see how much he suffered. not.

white_lilly said...

How exciting and the photos are great, the cheer
leaders amaze me!