Monday, November 19, 2007

Showers of blessings

It has been raining here, a lot. Typical for this time of year, though. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees; between the leaves and the mud, venturing off the graveled areas can be a pretty slippery proposition. That's part of the reason I leave the sheep in during the rainiest of weather -- the mud. This morning when I approached the sheep fold to feed, Brava was springing about like a giant piece of chocolate-brown popcorn; the poor, pent-up thing!

Speaking of chocolate brown, I was able to get the spinning I finished yesterday plied this morning. I decided to add a fine gold thread since my overdying turned out so subtle, even though my first reaction to this idea was that the brown was too "casual" for the gold. But I think it turned out just right. :-) Another big thank-you to Beth for the fibery prize to her blog contest!
Last week when we got back from our trip, an unexpected package from another "blog friend" was waiting at the post office. Opening it in my car, I started with the enclosed letter -- and quickly decided to save everything for later when I had time to read, savor, and maybe cry. Tammy had sent me tender condolences about Rosie, along with three tiny porcelain bulldogs, all packed in roving from her beloved Dorset sheep Gracie. It was a most meaningful gift from someone who understands my heart on many levels.
God's blessings are indeed abundant. Even during tough times, He sends sunbeams of love to keep me going -- through things like the beauty in nature, the thoughtfulness of friends, little "windfalls," scripture and song. He also reminds me that while He feels my pain and frustration over losing my dog, my horse (who is out of commission for the time being) and my knitting, I have life pretty good. "You're right, Lord, I do. But I STILL really want a dog...NOW."

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Lauren Dorsee Dillon said...

The yarn turned out beautiful, much better than my tester skein from the for-baby roving. I think I need to ply it with something more brilliant similar to your gold thread idea. Good artistry, my friend.

As far as the porcelain bulldogs, be still my crying heart. How thoughtful and lovely. Tammy has definitely earned a star in her crown. Now to get this lump out of my throat...


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That was so sweet! And I love the way the yarn turned out.
GET A DOG already, for goodness sake!

Michelle said...

I WOULD get a dog already, if it were up to me. But Rick is dragging his feet, and we ARE in this together. He has agreed to look at dogs this long holiday weekend, though, so we'll see what happens.

Sharon said...

That thread really makes the yarn pop - good thinking. We went through the same thing after Bud died, but Eddie completely adopted Ian. He just couldn't say no to him and that was four years ago.

Beth and Dennis said...

Your yarn turned out very nice Michelle.

How exciting to be looking at dogs this weekend - hope you find the perfect canine companion for your family!