Friday, August 10, 2018

No real relief in sight

This was broadcast Monday night; we've hit high 90s three more days since. Tomorrow is supposed to provide a one-day respite and maybe a shower to muddy the dust, then back to hot:

This morning it was so dim when I awoke that I thought we had cloud cover already. Instead, "smoke from a distant fire" had turned the sun blood-red while draining much of the color from the rest of our world:

Seems like everyone is suffering from the weather in one form or another. I wouldn't trade our dry conditions for the steaming sauna of Sara's or Susan's (but then again I'm not being threatened by wildfires like Theresa). It's too dry here for rampant weeds, and I can target-water to keep garden and landscape plants alive. In fact, my little garden is doing quite well this year. Not as productive as some; one of my neighbors has given us a LOT of summer squash – smaller, tender ones for human use (it's "creative cooking" season) and overgrown giants to give to the chickens.

The chickens approve; my guys are skeptical, but haven't staged a hunger strike yet. Good thing, as they've been working hard on the new fence. It's all done now but for hanging three gates.

Not that there's any grass left to graze on in there.

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Theresa said...

I would trade humidity for this dry heat and smoke in a heartbeat. My sinuses would prefer it too. I figure we have heat for the cold and I can justify AC for the heat. I can do a wee bit to control my climate but I sure can't make the air quality better for my horses, or the wildlife that has to be out in this gawd awful smoke. I would rather wilt than choke. And be free of the worry of forest fires. Poor Lance, he must be having a hard time when you have smoke your way.

Michelle said...

Yeah, humidity is probably safer, but I am absolutely useless in hot, muggy weather. I use the AC during the hot part of the day, too; open and windows and fans get us through the nights.

Goatldi said...

We have fire number two to the NE of us. Began yesterday late afternoon is currently 1900 acres and some containment I believe 15%. I am feeling like the bologna in a sandwich but the bread is fire.

Tonight though we have a clear sky with stars such a rare treat! We have had the pink sun for so long that I am wondering what it will look like when it is finally "normal" again.

Good luck with your temps. Ours are headed down to low 90's and low 60's at night. Now that is a treat itself!

Retired Knitter said...

Our weather on the east coast has been hot, hot, hot and humid ... but you all are correct - better to deal with hot and humid than fires and poor air quality - although our air quality has been pretty poor as well and we have no fires.

I have lived long enough to know these weather conditions are not normal. Yes, climate does change over time but over one's life time is not normal for earth time. I think man has made a mess of this earth. I wish we could change that.

Mama Pea said...

No relief in sight for us either for several days. And then the possibility of rain. Good. Our air is being compromised by fire in Ontario blowing smoke this way. The sun is still managing to get through though and make it too, too hot. Daughter, husband and I were bemoaning this crazy summer weather and said you would think we'd be acclimated to it by now. Daughter said, "But we live in northern Minnesota, and we're not supposed to HAVE to acclimate to this kind of weather!"

Good for your guys on the great fencing job. There's something about good fences that I really love!

Jeanne said...

It's nice to have this cooler day today! But we just saw the weather report for western Oregon, and it's gonna be hot, hotter, hottest!
Wish we had some control over it.

Take care!!