Monday, June 12, 2017

The first day of Mama's summer break

Today Brian started riding with Rick for the summer. His back assignments still aren't done (he has until tomorrow to turn them in for *some* credit), and we will make him complete all of them regardless, but he will have to do that in the evenings now. His final push should have been yesterday, but of course we went to the Ren Faire, and then he took a long, unauthorized nap, and then he was singularly unproductive.... Sigh. BUT! For a couple months I don't have to be the main (ignored, disrespected, and therefore ineffective) supervisor of the man-child; let summer vacation begin!!!

Since my part-time job hours have diminished to a third of what they once were, I am determined to make productive use of my time here to save and generate money. I intend to grow, cook, and preserve as much as possible from our own acres; market and move fleeces and sheep; stockpile handmade gifts; continue to organize, downsize, and exercise; and stay true to my "non-acquisition year." Thanks to Rick's new hobby, he is assisting in the gift department. Here is his latest FO, a housewarming gift for friends:

Even though we are in an extended cool and mostly cloudy spell (I love it!), the soil was well warmed when we planted our garden and the beans and peas are coming up:

Strawberries need to be picked, but I spent yesterday evening pulling and chopping tansy, bull thistle and Canadian thistle in the upper pasture. Buds were starting to form so time was of the essence. I'm hoping someone gets to the strawberries this afternoon; right now I have to get ready and go to town for a co-worker's lunch and excursions to the feed and grocery stores.

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Diane said...

Love the wood bowl. I'm sure these would sell if you/Rick decide to.

Theresa said...

Lovely sky pic as always Michelle and hooray for a break from bratty teenagers.
I've been canning up strawberries but other than lettuce and spinach I'm not doing a food garden this year. Probably best since we had snow over the weekend and it has been very cold and chilly. The bowl is awesome. Everyone should have a hobby that produces something beautiful and useful.

Retired Knitter said...

The wood bowl is really special.

Maureen said...

I am right there with you on the bull thistle and Canada thistle. The sheep will actually nibble at the bull thistle, and of course it's so much simpler to eradicate than the Canada thistle (which they won't touch). I've been pulling mine up every month or so, figure someday those rhizomes will have to give out. Nettles are another issue entirely. Taking over the property! Again, the sheep won't touch it, but they relish the Devil's club - go figure!

The bowl is beautiful. I love your plans for "making" - we all should do more of this!


Michelle said...

I agree with you, Diane, but I haven't convinced him yet.

I've never heard of canning strawberries, Theresa, except as jam. Having your own salad greens is wonderful, and more than we have. Maybe some snow peas in a barrel? They are prolific and tasty, too. Agreed on the hobbies.

I think so, too, RK.

Maureen, my horse will nibble on the Canadian thistle, but not enough to stunt them. I don't think I have any nettles on the property (and definitely no devil's club!), but I'm surprised the sheep won't eat them when they are young and tender. I made nettle pesto this spring and it was good.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

I love those strong green sprouts. I've purchased sunflower seed this year, which I might plant tomorrow. We had a couple of nights this past week that were close to frost temps, so I worry about planting too soon, but I think we're OK now.