Thursday, June 01, 2017

Soft start

Today was the first day of the last week of school for Brian. All three of us are stressed and weary, 'thanks' to an avalanche of missing assignments and falling grades compounded by deception. Only one of us could have prevented this; the other two are hoping some lessons have been learned, albeit the hard way. Still, this first day of June provided a soft start to a final week of cramming and late nights. The morning clouds on my way to work were incredible:
Work didn't take all my available time, so I was able to go to my favorite supplier of vegetable starts and seeds and stock up (the onions and kale in front were leftovers gifted to us from others). Yes; Rick finally got our garden plot prepped!!!
I turned the ewes and lambs out this afternoon and although I now need to go over all 12 to check for foxtail awns, I got some really cute photos when Brigitte (foxtail awn hanging from her belly) escaped into the yard.

(He's still guilty as charged in the first paragraph, but he can't be ALL bad if he cuddles lambs, right?)

 The evening clouds were pretty, too:
And each black hen produced an egg today:
(The Speckled Sussex is seven years old; no expectations there.)

Thankful for every good thing at . . .


Florida Farm Girl said...

Ah, the joys of raising teenagers. Good luck all around.

A :-) said...

Sounds like a tough situation . . . I hope all will be well.

Fat Dormouse said...

While I sometimes regret not having children, the "joys" of dealing with teenagers is not something I miss having experienced! Prayers for all the family as you go through this tricky period.

MiniKat said...

Lots of missing assignments? Well as irritating as that can be from a parent's perspective, at least you know that's perfectly normal for a boy his age. So irritating milestone reached! ;-)

I do hope he's learned an important lesson here though. Life will be much easier for all three of you if he doesn't repeat the foolishness next year. But at least he cuddles lambs! <3

Debbie said...

You have a shepherd in the midst.

Some life lessons don't come easy for the student and the challenges for the parents, just hang in there. All your love and hard work raising a son will shine...just wait.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nice purchases for your garden.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

Ah, the perils of being a teenager. I was always a bookworm and school was a magnet to me, so I didn't fall into the missing assignment trap, but I had my own little struggles with very protective parents and my days of blue hair. We won't go there! Love the shot of your hens on their roost - looking forward to having hens again...hopefully this year but maybe next.