Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Something's wrong with this concept

The concept of vacation, that is. The only time you really need a vacation is when your life is super-stressful and/or crazy-busy. But trying to squeeze in a vacation when your life is super-stressful and/or crazy-busy is Just.Plain.CRAZY! You heap tons more on your to-do list in preparation for going (and take some of it with you if you can't get it all done; ahem), then run yourself haggard playing catch-up when you return.  Let's hope our few days away is worth it!

Since I'll probably have a vast smörgåsbord of photos to share from our trip, I'll serve up the little buffet of photos I've collected this week to get them off the table. I hope you enjoy them.
The Energizer bunny of flowers and its newest spray
With cooler weather I've put up the hummer feeder again
If you click to biggify, you might spot a hot-air balloon!
Poison oak seen on a trail ride
A surprise flower showed up in the pasture!
Beauty berry by the house

Fall: truly the loveliest season

That's it for now from . . .


sylkan said...

Hah!!! You are taking a Red Sea Vacation.... work harder before and after to get a little dry spot to run through.

Susan said...

What lovely vistas! Enjoy yourself - in spite of yourself! :)

Michelle said...

Sylvia, that's hilarious! I think that's the only kind of vacation I can take....

I'm going to try, Susan. ;-)

LannieK said...

Beautiful shots! Hope you have a wonderful time and do get to relax :-)

Tina T-P said...

So sorry to read about Browning, yes, what a sad way to go.
The Shepherd is finally over his pneumonia - after three different antibiotics (first one didn't work (yikes!!), and he had a bad reaction to the second one)
We have a little orchid like that too, boy, it just blooms and blooms. :-)
Take care - I hope things even out for you. T.