Friday, September 09, 2016

Looking forward

I'm home alone for a couple days, a rare treat. Brian is on a backpacking trip for Wilderness class, and Rick decided to go along. As always, I have an unrealistic list I hope to accomplish, but one main task that must be accomplished plus one scheduled activity I'm looking forward to (besides the Sabbath day's rest and worship). A couple months ago I purchased tickets to a renaissance festival for a family outing (us and Rick's mother), not knowing there would be a school conflict on a Sunday. So my MIL is bringing her best friend, and I invited one of my best friends, and us girls are going to go enjoy ourselves!

I am also looking forward to casting on a knitting project after two and a half months of spinning, monogamous crafter that I am. This afternoon I finished plying the second colorway of alpaca/silk singles I've spun since the start of the Tour de Fleece:
That's 114g of yarn on my 35g myrtlewood Swan

Towards the end my turtles were getting frisky, so grabbing the "tools" I had at hand (my iPhone and a used tissue), I got my singles under control with a plying ball. Necessity being the mother of invention/innovation and all that.

Now I'm free to cast on the first of two promised shawls for co-workers. First up, Romi's Terryknits Twist in chocolate and cream:

After that (hopefully quick knit), I'll tackle Romi's Simee Dimeh (which WON'T be a quick knit) in these yarns, which the giftee and I picked out at the LYS today after work:

Looking to next week, I'll be attending Brian's first varsity soccer game Monday night. To our surprise (since he's a freshman and a complete newbie to the sport), he's a starter! The weather will be ideal; we're enjoying warm (not hot) days and cool (not cold) evenings through mornings. Personally, I'm looking forward to a good, soaking rain to get our cool-season grass growing again, the arena footing firmed up, and the dust washed off everything; but until that happens, I'll keep watering the garden, enjoying the sky shows, and riding my horse through the woods:

Actually, I'm hoping to finagle a ride at the beach and a dressage lesson next week; we'll see! (And I'll report on it over at my horse blog for those who are interested.)

In two and a half short weeks, Rick and I are taking a trip, just the two of us – I'm looking forward to that! He has a vet conference in Langley, British Columbia, and I'm going with. Years ago (probably 20+; gulp!), we went to Vancouver in December for a vet conference, and visited Victoria and Butchart Gardens while in the area. As beautiful as it was in the off-season all decorated for the holidays, I've said ever since that someday I want to see Butchart Gardens in the summer, including suggesting that it would make a nice anniversary trip – you know, since we've never done anything "big" for our anniversary in 32 years of marriage. But hey, I'll take it in September! We'll get a day together in the car to visit and enjoy the scenery, I'll get two days to explore around Langley and Vancouver while he's in meetings, we'll spend one day at Butchart Gardens/Victoria, and then have another day together driving home. Sounds perfect to me!

As soon as we get back, it will be high time to put this big boy
in with a couple lady friends! Sarai (below, in front) and Vienna (below, at the back) will join Blake in the "honeymoon suite" to make more beautiful lambs. I would love for Sarai to give me a black-based ewe lamb or two to join my little flock, but will take anything alive and healthy from her after this spring's unsuccessful lambing.

This pretty girl is two years old now and I would like to see some offspring from her, too, but I don't think that Blake is the best match. I'm investigating another possibility or two; I should know by October.
Then there are my two sweet musket girls, full sisters out of Vienna. I would like to put Nightcap over both of them; he's not getting any younger and should be a great cross, but he wouldn't be able to come home until November. That would be okay, since Babette is this year's lamb (although she's easily as big as Blaise and almost as big as Bree).
Wow; that would be five ewes bred, more than I've ever lambed out in one season. But the potential in all these pairings is fantastic, and the lambs would be spread out over a couple months. Hopefully at least some of the people who have expressed interest in Boulderneigh Shetlands this year (when I didn't have any available) will be interested in what they produce next year!

That's it for now from . . .


Theresa said...

Some wonderful plans large and small. Have fun at the Ren Faire. I always enjoyed the one in Texas, went every year I think but have never been to the one in Oregon.

Sounds like a great trip planned too. Perfect time of year to head up that way.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, gosh, sweet dreams for the future!

I would love to see all the lambs.

I hope Brian had fun!

Vancouver! :-)

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

I'm so envious - I love Ren Fairs and Festivals and there's nothing like that around here. Your upcoming trip to BC sounds wonderful - I visited Butchart Gardens many years ago with my parents. It would definitely be worth a return trip.