Friday, September 16, 2016

Change is a-comin' – and welcome!

This morning's sunrise view of Mt. Adams:

And a bonus sunrise view of Mt. Hood from earlier in the week:

Nothing out of the ordinary, those. But as I was returning to the house from chores this morning, I noticed the mackerel sky. Ah, change is a-comin'!
Up in the garden (resetting a soaker hose; count on the forecast or the clouds), I turned and looked over the house to see the edge of the front pushing east.

Here's hopin' we get a good soakin' over the weekend!

Still, the dry, sunny weather has been good for some things. This week Brian played in his first two soccer games ever, one away and one at home; the at home game was last night (I posted blurry photos of his first game on Instagram). Can you "find Elmo" in each of the photos below? ;-)

And earlier yesterday, one of my best friends and I enjoyed a perfect day at the beach with our horses. (More photos to come over on my dressage blog.)

Now back to applying myself to cleaning my filthy house and making food for tomorrow's church potluck before picking up Brian from school and driving him to his violin lesson.

That's it for now from . . .


Goatldi said...

Hope you got your precipitation we are still dry and dusty. Isn't it great with the first good rain that settles everything down? So how did the team do? It is always nice to win one or two or more. I love beach rides haven't done that in years. Sounds like you had a wonderful start to the weekend!

Michelle said...

Yes, we did, Goatldi! It was a lovely, wet day, but stopped this evening in time for me to ride my pony in the twilight. I know our grass will green up practically overnight. As for the soccer games, they won the first game in a blow-out (something like 8 to 1), and held the score to 1 to 1 in the second game, against the 2015 league champions.