Sunday, September 25, 2016

And then it was fall

"You don't say."

Sunset shot taken at home; the rest were out and about.

Ah, Fall: the pause that refreshes after summer, motivates before winter, and rivals spring for color. I think it also has the best daytime skies, sunrises and sunsets. Can you tell it's my favorite season?

As you can see, Bittersweet is sporting a fresh Rocky Sheep Suit, as his bum was sticking out of the other one. Coat changes always mean a fleece photo opp:

Anyway, now D'artagnon (Blake)
has just three musketeers: Bing, Benny,
and Bittersweet, who was being just plain sweet on photo day:

Rick did a necropsy on Browning. He died of asphyxiation; his trachea and lungs were full of hay. What a horrible way to go. Why that happened is the mystery to which we have no clues. Rick is still convinced that Browning was ailing due to parasites; he could find no other abnormalities or pathologies. It wasn't a good week, for that and other reasons. Thankfully, one of the downers is resolving.

Dozer was randomly yelping in pain, and we were having trouble figuring out where the problem was. I guessed neck, and Rick finally x-rayed him to find the problem. He has a broken and displaced stylohyoid bone (between the base of the ear and the base of the tongue)! We're keeping on aspirin, and he's doing much better now.

Friday when I picked up Brian from school, he had this bounty (and more; I gave his violin teacher a butternut and a zucchini before take a photo) loaded in a big box for me. Now that's Fresh on Friday! Part of his school's garden is being turned into a parking lot, and all this produce was going to go to waste. He knew I'd put it to use. ;-)

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Retired Knitter said...

I am a knitter and sometimes weaver and on rare occasion a spinner, but when i see you spread that beautiful wool on your wonderful sheep, I think, .... Maybe I should be spinning more. Haha. Poor Dozer. How ever did he break that bone.

A :-) said...

Again, I am so sorry about Browning. Thankfully you've had some happy news for Dozer, and a free box of what looks to be gorgeous produce is a unexpected gift. I'm sure a teenage boy is a challenge on many fronts - but at least he knew to bring all that fresh goodness to you :-)

Susan said...

What an odd thing to happen to Browning! But anything is possible, it seems. I am battling parasites with my older (and dearer) ewe myself. It's an uphill battle. I hope all is as well as can be expected with your family. Great bounty - but BOO on paving gardens!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot! Precious friend....I am ever so sad to hear all this news about Browning...Brian spent half his life knowing this gentle friend. May memories comfort you all during this sad time. Thank you for the beautiful pictures...they life our weary souls...
Sending you all love from the cozy cottage...Karla

Michelle said...

Well, RK, I know where you can buy a fine Shetland fleece if you need one! ;-) As for Dozer, we got a second opinion on the x-rays and the radiologist doesn't think the bone is broken. We're not sure what to think....

Thanks, A; raising a teenager isn't all bad. ;-)

I am so sorry about your struggles with Juno, Susan; I hope you can pull her through. Fortunately, the school still has a lot of gardening space, two big greenhouses, and dozens of fruit trees.

So good to hear from you, Karla, and I know you understand about losing precious pets. Brian seems to have handled it better than I have, but he's had a lot of other stuff going on.