Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Sunrise and sheep shots

This morning's sunrise was the most colorful we've seen in awhile. It started out subtly and then kept building like a magnificent orchestral piece until the western sky had joined the swell (you can see a shot of the sky taken due west on Instagram if you click on the logo at right). What a treat!

Now for the sheep shots I took Sunday. My guys slept in that morning, so after feeding and watering all the critters, I decided to see who among the boys I could catch for needed coat changes. First up was my Benny-buddy. After admiring his rain-washed neck fleece, I decided he didn't need a bigger coat yet, so just trimmed his toes.
By this time, the rest of the boys had moved into the Ramada Inn lot through the chute Rick had set up, allowing me to shut the gate and easily catch the rest who needed wardrobe changes – perfect! Shy boy Bart needed the biggest coat I have:
Bing, like his half-sister Blaise, is much smaller, thanks to his petite dam Marta. 
Baby-daddy Blake had a funky 'do thanks to a coat with a big hole above his tail, but still looks beautiful mid-side, last rib:

Another year's crops of fleece and lambs is coming up quick. I haven't scheduled shearing yet, but will probably have it done when my farrier/shearer is here in March. Lambs may arrive by then, too!

Anticipating, at . . .


Theresa said...

Holy naked sheep shots! Some beautiful black fleece you've got there. Great sunrise pics.Ours have been a dingy shade of grey.

Nancy Kay said...

These sheep are looking great!!

Mary Ann said...

Bart is easily the beauty!

Michelle said...

Theresa, most of our sunrises have been hidden behind clouds or fog, too; that's why this one was such a treat!

Thanks, Nancy Kay.

He IS a big, beautiful boy, Mary Ann, but very shy. Maybe it will help his confidence if I share with him your compliment. ;-)

Lisa Smith said...

Your sunrise pics are lovely! The part of Lake Oswego I live in, Mountain Park, is so surrounded by tall trees that I can't see sunrises or sunsets. I'm certainly not complaining; there are certainly worse things that I could be surrounded by!

And your "boys" are so handsome! It is so interesting to see them on leashes (if that's the correct term?).

Michelle said...

I agree; being surrounded by tall trees is also lovely. I miss the trees felled on the lot north of us. :-/ Yes, I use halters and leads (that are essentially leashes) to constrain my sheep. They may be "little sheep," but they are still too big for me to carry or drag. Halter-trained sheep make it much easier!