Sunday, January 24, 2016

Serving updates with lemonade

I'll admit it; I'm loving the photo opportunities that our expanded view gives us. I wouldn't have chosen to trade my privacy for them, but since it wasn't my choice I'll just make lemonade. (Hope you guys like lemonade, because I'll be sharing lots of it I'm sure!)

Critter updates
Horses: Oliver is a stall potato (as usual for most of the year) while Lance and I get out regularly for exercise and schooling. I mostly document our time together over on my Dances with Horses blog.

Sheep: Browning and Blake are still in the Ram-ada Inn but neither one is limping now – nor is Bittersweet. I think they are getting sprains or strains in the mud, which is deeper this year than it has been in awhile. The girls would like to get out more, but I don't have a separate sacrifice area.

Chickens: All is copacetic in the coop; Elvira is one of the flock now. It would be nice to get more than an egg a day from ten hens, but I have enough for our modest needs and can't expect more from a "mature" flock.

Cat: Oreo is fine, if a plump little butterball this winter.

Dogs: Laying around me in the living room as I type, living a life of ease unless Jackson and Dicey think sounding the alarm is necessary (thankfully we have ONE quiet dog – Dozer). Dicey damaged a hind toenail recently and eventually lost it altogether, making her three-legged lame for awhile, but it has healed up now.

Sprite: Brian's parakeet continues to be a sweet and charming addition to our home. (And Brian's goldfish are fine, too.)

Indoor updates
Orchid: The first blossom is fully open now, and I never tire of looking at it!

Knitting: I did, indeed, cast on Father Cables. The recommended cast-on was a new one to me. The Alternating Cable Cast-on makes such a beautiful finished edge; where has it been all my knitting life???

Now I need to go cook. Brian is playing at a friend's house. When the dad and boys bring him home at 6:00, they are staying for supper. The wife/mother was another of my homeschool co-op friends who died a few years ago.

That's it for today from . . .


Theresa said...

Oh no, lots of lameness going on there. We've had our share of ripped and injured toe nails over the years. Everybody lives but we have had some so bad we did worry about infections into the bone. Lucky you to have a vet and dispensary on staff! Beautiful orchid and I'm going to have to check that cast on out!

Retired Knitter said...

Ahhh ... those beautiful pictures of your area with NO white in them. Ha! Here in Maryland the whiteness is overwhelming. Feet of whiteness. I will take some pictures. I should have included a picture on my last blog post, but I was feeling a little "rant-y" so I just blasted out my update on our mid-Atlantic winter snow storm - the largest in our recorded history. Yes, that is what the news is saying ... historic! And we are only half way through winter. Love the dog update too.

Susan said...

You have lots on your plate, as usual. Glad you're able to make lemonade out of the bushel of lemons you've been given.

Unknown said...

Love the "new view" pictures. Glad to hear all the critters are doing fine!

Michelle said...

The cast-on is INCREDIBLE, Theresa! Would be perfect for top-down socks . . . if I knit them.

We've had a little bit of white ONCE this winter, RT. Could still get more, but more likely not. Glad to not be dealing with it!

Such is life, huh, Susan? ;-)

Thanks, Nancy Kay!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I love hearing about your animal family members Michelle.
Are you getting one egg per day from ten chooks or one egg per chook per day - sorry to be pedantic ha ha!
A little brown hen I named Henrietta turned up in our suburban garden one day and stayed for a couple of years. She gave us an egg a day. I don't know what happened to her, she just vanished and there were no tell tale sign of feathers . We all missed her but we weren't legally allowed chooks!

Michelle said...

Alas, only one egg a day, period – if I'm lucky!