Thursday, July 16, 2015

Texas tableaus

No vast vistas here, or striking sunsets. Just some snapshots taken while walking around my parents' semi-rural neighborhood; snapshots of things I would never see at home. Not that all of these are typical of the Texas Panhandle in July. Their weather is as wonky as everywhere else, all the excess rain making things there unusually green, overgrown, and HUMID.

Western Kingbird:
Jackrabbit (I think Girafferabbit is equally descriptive!):

Ubiquitous brick; oil industry emphasis:

The boxcar as common storage, with sunflower accent:

If you don't like reptiles – if even seeing photos of them really gives you the creeps, leave now. If grossness grosses you out, DO NOT CONTINUE.

You've been warned!

I take no responsibility from here on out!!!

You asked for it; Texas roadkill:
I don't know if that is a rattlesnake, but it very possibly is. As for the toads, they were EVERYWHERE, like a plague! (Except that I really like toads and frogs.) It was impossible to drive at night without running over the unfortunate reptiles, leaving toad pancakes all over the roads.

(Hmm; I think this blog post might qualify for "Messy Little Details.")  (-;

That's it for now from . . .


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, I love that first shot of the box car and the sunflower. That's pure art, girl!! Glad you had a good visit with your parents.

Leigh said...

Great photos! Even the messy little details ones. :)

Nancy Kay said...

Your photos are really the ticket! Nice! I even ventured to the bottom of the post. It's not unusual to see snakes here, too, who did not make it across the road.

C-ingspots said...

Love the boxcar/sunflower shots! I'd frame that one. As far as the grossness, after working for your husband for almost 16 years, not much grosses me out anymore. :)

Our weather the week you were gone was perfection!! Sorry you had to miss it.