Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sheepy surprises

During chore time one day last week:

Whoa! Bing (my black wether) will shyly ask for attention on rare occasions, but Bart never allows me more than a wee sneaky chin rub while I'm scritching the other wethers. Apparently his love cup had runneth dry. Glad to help, big guy!  ;-)

But that wasn't the biggest sheepy surprise I've gotten recently. When we got back from Cowboy Campmeeting Sunday afternoon, I counted beaks and noses to make sure all the homebodies were fine. Everyone was – except I couldn't spot Benny anywhere. I called, expecting His Mouthiness to call back. Nothing. I walked toward a particular tree he likes to rest against, and could see his coat above the root. I kept calling as I approached, dread growing at what I would find since there was still no response. When I got close enough to see that he was facing away from me, peacefully chewing his cud, there was relief – followed instantly by confusion. I said his name LOUDLY from two or three feet away. Not an ear twitched. Benny is stone deaf!

I have no idea how long he has been deaf, but remember times he has started with surprise when he should have heard me approach. It didn't register; why would I suspect my Benny boy couldn't hear?

This morning he was resting between the gate and the water bucket. I made lots of noise without getting any reaction.
It wasn't until the other wethers moved away uneasily that he looked around for the cause and spotted me.
Could this be why he's my little loud-mouth? Locked in a silent world, does he yell to the other sheep and to his shepherd while wondering why we never talk to him?

Just a little sad at . . .


Kristi Z said...

I would not be sad. I think it makes him that more special and makes you that much more important to him. You are his guardian and he relies on you to take care of him. I would be giving him extra hugs and scratches especially if he is giving you beautiful fleeces:)

Retired Knitter said...

I agree with Kristi. Now that you know, you can adjust how you interact with him so that he feels all at love. Several years ago we made a similar discovery with one of our old pet cats. Cat's ears are never still. They are always adjusting to catch sounds. That was the first clue. The second clue was when I took a pan and lid and slapped them together behind him. No reaction. From that point on we made sure to face him.

Debbie said...

I agree with the other ladies, I would not be sad. Love him a bit more, keep him a bit closer. Now, not necessarily a room inside lol. Take care.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yeah, not sad. There are so many worse things that could happen to a sheep and he's in the perfect home to live a happy, safe life :-).

Theresa said...

Do you think he was born deaf and gradually lost it or has he been deaf since birth? Anyway, he is with the bestest shepherdess possible!

Mary Ann said...

Oh gosh, it IS sad.... I hope he'll live there forever.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oh, Benny! Our friend Durin the LaMancha goat has lost most of his hearing over the years. He's 7. He can hear gun shots, and if my lady yells. He can also hear the sheep baaaaaah!

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Tammy said...

Benny lives in a perfect world at your place. He is safe and loved and now that you know he is deaf I'm sure you'll make him feel even more loved.

Sweet little guy.


Nancy Kay said...

Ahhhh..... But so sweet and safe.

C-ingspots said...

Oh no! That is sad, poor little guy has had more than his share of troubles it seems. But if it has to be, at least he has a loving home where he's comfortable and safe. I still grieve over Harley's loss of sight, and pray that it could somehow be different, but he does amazingly well most of the time. I just feel sad that he lives in a dark world and has had to make so many adjustments...but as always, I'm thankful that he's here and I get to love on him every day.

A :-) said...

I echo what many have already said - and I'm really glad he's with you where he will be safe and loved :-)

Mokihana said...

Yes, Benny is living in the perfect place for him. I wish I could come and give both of you a big hug!

Becky Utecht said...

I understand the sad feeling, I had a blind ewe lamb years ago. I felt so bad for her, but she did very well. I'm glad you now know what he's dealing with and can care for him accordingly.