Friday, January 17, 2014

Feathered Friday

Ah, sunshine. I took these photos of a chestnut-backed chickadee flitting around in one of my Japanese maples yesterday. I was home alone, reveling in the chance to sit quietly and soak up some peace along with the sun. Today it was back to the travails of homeschooling and fog so thick that neighbors have to be taken on faith, not sight – just like Wednesday. That warmer-and-drier second half of January predicted? Well, I'm sure, just like five o'clock, it's sunny somewhere!

That's all that's fit to share right now from . . .


  1. We have half-cloudy skies here, with warming temps! A nice break for mid-January!

  2. What a cute little bird. We have black-capped chickadees here in these parts. Ah to lavish one's self in solitude! :D
    Hugs my sweet friend,

  3. Nice pictures of the bird! Enjoy your solitude.

  4. We have black-capped chickadees here too. They are such bold little birds. The other day I saw a ruby crowned kinglet for the first time. What a treat! (no camera, however)

  5. Living in SC we have the Carolina Chickadee, a little bird whose antics we most enjoy. It's interesting the different features of birds within the different areas of our country.


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