Thursday, February 07, 2013

What we do

The tag line on one of my favorite blogs used to be "Welcome to my world. (Try not to get too excited.)" It's a good match for today's post.

Laser-eyed sheep on a dark, cloudy morning:
Fingerless mitts started for one of my GYBP winners:

Chickens being chickens (dust baths in winter; yay for tarps!):

Male bonding time (hush; don't tell my DH!):

These are some of the more peaceful parts of my life. I try to keep the rest mostly to myself. ;-)

Letting sleeping dogs lie at . . .


  1. Spooky sheep and male bonding... love it! and don't you just love listening to the chickens get cluck-cluck happy in the dust?

    Your world is good one.

  2. Such funny posting!I love the spooky sheep and the sleeping duo!

  3. Have to ask what kind of camera you use? We are looking to upgrade from our twelve year old relic that uses up our rechargeable batteries quickly and hates taking photos of black sheep....? Thanks.

  4. Cute pictures Michelle. Especially Dozer's glamorous pose!

  5. Yes, farmlady, my world is good. :-)

    Glad it made you smile, Rose Fern!

    Karen, I have a Panasonic Lumix and LOVE IT. It's a few years old now, so I don't know if the new ones are as highly rated as the one I got.

    Is it a hoot how Dozer was sleeping, Lorie?

  6. Oh, I haven't heard the contented clucking of hens in so long!!!!! Thank you.

    Looks like DH and his pal are indeed bonding very well.

  7. LOVE the last photo - thanks!

  8. All it takes is a little sunshine and the girls are digging holes all over the barn yard, happily kicking dirt onto each other. And, yes, they do make a happy, contented sound that is so uplifting! Stevie

  9. Great photos Michelle. Reeally had a good laugh at your DH and his buddy on siesta!

    Have a good weekend!

  10. I think the eyes are from the flash? If so, turn it off when you take those shots. Flash only helps up close anyway.

  11. You're welcome, Florida Farm Girl. It IS a most contented sound.

    You're welcome, too, Donna!

    Thanks for visiting, Stevie. I visited your blog in return!

    Debbie, my DH is definitely Dozer's "person."

    Yes, Sara, the laser eyes are from the flash. Actually, having the flash on seems to open up the aperture so that some low-light photos turn out better, even at a distance. I took some without flash, and the camera wouldn't even focus because of the low light.

  12. Oh my. The dog and husband picture. Priceless.

  13. Hee hee. Ghost Sheep.
    The boys look very comfortable.


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