Monday, February 25, 2013

Plump with promise

My stuffed sausages got their first taste of real pasture this afternoon. You'd think several of them were pregnant, but all they will be producing this spring is fleece. ;-)

At first they didn't seem quite sure what to do, but soon tucked into the lush grass. Then they started boinging and bolting like a bunch of silly lambs! I would have tried for some video of their antics, but was getting my horse ready for a schooling session. He was alarmed when he spied them through a hole in the fiberglass sidelight of his stall,
so I lead him out into his paddock where he could get a good look at those scary sheep. (He's seen them before, but never in this pasture, so close to his quarters.) It didn't take him long to settle down, though, just like he did yesterday at his very first dressage show. He's got a great mind, this horse!

While I was at the show, Rick and Brian built a new hay feeder for the sheep. The 'roof' isn't finished, but it's useable as is. I've never had a very good system for feeding hay in the wooded lot, so this really fills a need. I'm so thankful to have a handy man for a husband!

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  1. Why do you cover the sheep? Wouldn't the cold make their wool grow out thicker and more of it? I'm sure this is a silly question - but i've noticed jackets on other blogger's sheep.

    1. Suzan, the coats are to keep those valuable fleeces CLEANER; they have nothing to do with warmth.

  2. Your pasture looks delicious, and I love the hay feeder! Now I will go back and read about the dressage show.

  3. We are at least a month or more away from green grass - so I won't show my sheep this post! That is a great hay feeder! And what a beautiful horse!


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