Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Drippy day, hostile hen, pushy pup

I shouldn't complain about the spit in the air, as it's only supposed to be here for a day or two before we return to foggy-but-dry. But doggone it, this is one of our at-home days and I'd rather not be stuck in the house the whole time!

Of course, I'm not stuck in the house the whole time; chores must be done and animals cared for rain or shine. This pretty girl was sitting on the nest this morning. She alone of all the hens lets out this strange squawk while fluffing herself up to maximum volume when I approach her in the nest box. I imagine she'd be a good mama if we had a rooster and she raised a clutch.

And rain or shine, Jackson thinks I exist for this:
Since muddy feet increase my workload exponentially, I let the dogs out when I think they need a bathroom break, not every time Jackson wants a chance to run around scaring off birds, squirrels and imaginary monsters. It is clear Jackson thinks I am dense and incapable of learning "dog" as he pushes and roots to get me to the door to let him out:
"Come ON, Mom!"
Feels like a "soup night." I'm off to make a big batch of hearty potato-kale soup in hopes of having leftovers for Brian's and my lunch tomorrow!

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  1. Oh gosh, potato kale soup sounds so good. We've been having a lot of soup days lately, and I know what you mean about being outside. :)

  2. What a beautiful hen! Sounds just like my cats...in & out all day long. Also they are always on my keyboard. X

  3. I could bring you some fertile eggs... Except they might all end up being roosters!! One of my little Golden Cuckoo Marans is acting broody, too. She's not too obnoxious about it, but is sitting in the nest box "guarding" all the eggs it holds...

  4. At least Jackson's feet are not as big as Bella'a, she just sits and paws on my shoulder til I do what she wants.

  5. It IS, Leigh! No recipe, just general guidelines from the woman at whose house we enjoyed it the first time.

    Janice, they have us trained, don't they?

    No, I don't have room for more chickens, Laura, and with my luck she wouldn't brood.

    TL, Jackson likes to put his paw on my hand or wrist. It's kinda cute (I call it holding hands), but his nails are hard!

  6. We had potato soup with leeks and carrots all fresh from our garden, and corn bread. Definitely the time of year for soups.

  7. Send the drippy stuff our way! Actually, I think we're going to get some in the next few days! Your dog is so handsome!

  8. LOL, I am sure they must think we are dumb as a stick. And I sure know what you mean about those muddy paws creating work.

  9. Michelle - would you email me the recipe for the Kale Potato Soup? Sounds like something I would really like :-)

  10. As I'm reading your blog, there is a black lab rooting under my arm, begging to go outside to chase squirrels in the mud. Sigh.

  11. Good Morning Michelle-
    I'm just getting caught up on all your posts.
    As you know I have been smitten with the Sunshine and have been MIA- trading indoors for outdoors.
    Your love for animals is so much like mine.
    Horses, yes even the daily barn cleaning, is the BEST ever therapy. When I'm having a not so good day and I just snuggle up to a horses neck and breathe deep, it just makes the world right. I have a Grandaughter, age 3, and she has loved the horses since birth, I swear. The other day, after Wyatt (one of the horses) had a work out in the arena, she was petting him and he was all sweaty and dirty from rolling in the sand, and she digs her nose into his chest and says, 'Grammy- I LOVE the smell of horses'. Now that is true love for sure. My other grandaughter, not so much in love with the horses, but she's only a year and a half old. Ha- I strongly believe you are either born with it or you're not.Your sheep are beautiful, and I've never seen such amazing wool.
    I've had a wonderful visit here this morning.
    See you again soon.
    :) Becka @ Girasole Farm

  12. I love the title to this post! And I am with you on limiting the 'outies' with my two characters. Then it's floor mopping, outie, floor mopping, outie all day. My one very broody hen (our surrogate mother) does the same thing. I love to watch her grow to twice her size - but she is still a lovey and does not take it further than puffing up. Your soup sounds wonderful - and I've got both potatoes and kale!

  13. Haha!! I think I need to have that sign too! :) I like it.

    We have been eating a lot of soup lately too, so easy to prepare and I enjoy the smell in the house while it's simmering.
    I made a delicious Minestrone last Sunday. Was so good!! I started with water/chicken broth (you could use veg broth), added zuchini, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, kidney beans (had no garbanzo or I would have used those), Italian seasoning, extra sweet basil, salt & pepper, few dashes of red wine vinegar and a little seashell pasta. Oh my! Serve with crusty french bread. I had some chunks of chicken breast in mine as well, but it would be equally as good without.
    I rode Eagle for the first time Sunday afternoon Michelle!! He was so good/sweet for me. He was reluctant to move, but I think he sensed my apprehension. *happy dance* :)

  14. Sounds so yummy, kale and potato soup!
    My Gigi, (havanese dog) Gives me fits about bathroom breaks too. She likes togo out and sniff the air...see who has been around the house lately. Then come back in and do it again. Only thing is...the little booger, sure enough the time I think she is bluffing she has an accident? I just don't speak dog very good! When she tells me...look I mean it this time, I say you said it last time buster...hold it. Then oops she can't! Ohhhh when will I learn her language?

  15. Oh....have you seen this pattern on ravelry? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baa-baa-pillow
    It reminds me of the picture on your blog. I have the pattern, just haven't done it yet. But every time I visit your blog I think about it.


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