Monday, February 18, 2013

Best-laid plans, and a wrinkle in time

Today was one of those days that takes "home" out of "homeschooling." Brian and I got up, ate breakfast, did chores, and headed out the door before 8:30 for his science class at a local university (yes, on Presidents Day). I was planning to meet up with a friend while Brian was in class, but her doctor's appointment ran long so I spent most of my time knitting on the second pair of fingerless mitts for the GYBP prize drawings.
Fraternal twins, despite my best efforts to measure and plan

As soon as class was over we headed to the Oregon coast – Depoe Bay to be exact – so Brian could attend a friend's birthday party. On the way Brian listened to the Gospel of Mark for a Bible Achievement team event next Sabbath.

The tide was out when we got our first glimpse of the sea; perfect! While Brian was occupied I was planning a delicious solitary stroll around Depoe Bay and maybe down a nearby beach, just me and my camera. But I ended up staying at the birthday party because the birthday girl's mom wanted to chat. So when Brian started begging for a chance to stop and walk on the beach on our way home, I was an easy sell. We turned into the public parking lot at Siletz Bay and walked down the inlet to the vast Pacific and back – just long enough to collect a few photos, stones – and memories.

On the road again, I got a call from Rick. Knowing we were going to be gone all day, I had asked him to stop by the house and let the dogs out if at all possible. He had not made it home and still had a meeting to attend, so I braced myself for the mess I was probably going to face in the laundry room.

To my surprise, the dogs had been able to hold it! So I turned them out and directed my efforts to warming a cold house. We had not bothered to stoke the wood stove this morning, so I sent Brian out to split some kindling while I prepared the firebox. When I opened the door, against all reasonable expectations, there were still coals! Hmmm; had Brian and I 'tessered' to the coast and back, while home dwelt in a wrinkle in time?

(Thinking of Madeleine L'Engle's wonderful books makes me want to drive straight to the library and read every single one of them all over again! Along with C.S. Lewis, she is one of my very favorite authors, and like Lewis, she is a pillar of faith who inspires me.)

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  1. We all dwell in the "wrinkles"... the continuing of life when we are not a part of it. I love Madeleine L'Engle's books. Sounded like a wonderful day The photos are greatI
    I love that beautiful sheep photo on your header. I know I have said this before, but I LOVE it.

  2. What a magical day so well spent. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Hey, where'd this site come from? I'm think I'm diggin' it! Subscribed!

  4. Ohhhh - how wonderfully lucky you are to be so close to the ocean and seals!! Are you able to go up close?? Must be fun to sit and watch them!!

  5. Thumbs up for Madeleine L'Engle. Just thinking about the Wrinkle in Time series makes me smile.

  6. Great photos of the beach, seals and seagulls, makes me miss living near the ocean.

  7. I miss the sand on this island (pebbles only) otherwise that's pretty much the same!
    Have a lovely sunny day,

  8. Sometimes YA literature is truly satisfying. I agree with your book lust.

  9. love the diversion though! truly beautiful trip.

  10. I love the ocean as much as I love the prairie I call home. I think it's because they both are so vast. All you see is horizon! Gorgeous. Those sure are some nice gloves...hmmm, I wonder who is going to receive those! Wink...I'm so excited!

  11. So glad you were able to get in some beach time! I've been dreaming of escaping to the ocean the past few days.
    M L'Engle has been a top favorite since I was 12. I loved the trilogy but even more some of her adult fiction and non-fiction such as her Crosswick Journals. So much wisdom!

  12. Thanks for all the affirming words, friends!

    Suzan, the beached seals were across the inlet so not real close; still fun to watch, though. But the ones in the water got QUITE close; they seem so curious about people, and probably feel safer when they are in the water and are able to make a quick get-away if they feel threatened.


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