Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oregon gardens

Yesterday was Homeschool Day at the Oregon Garden, so Brian and I went on a field trip. It was bright and beautiful with a cool breeze – perfect weather. While visiting each of the nine activity stations, Brian ran into a couple of his friends from our homeschool co-op and had a great time playing with them when the activities were done.

The bright noonday sun was not a photographer's friend, but you know I had to try anyway....
The grand entrance
The ubiquitous slug, crafted into an elegant drinking fountain, overlooks beauty
Brian on a giant compass, under a weeping blue atlas cedar (I think)
"Sunflower, good morning, you sure do make it like a sunny day..."

Water features and kids, what can I say?

I need some of these morning glories!


Gordon House, the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building in Oregon
Oh look, a spindle!

Of course I took something to keep my hands busy while waiting on Brian! My olivewood Jenkins Aegean Turkish spindle and some Gotland roving from Franna on my wrist distaff from Carolina Homespun did the trick nicely.

My gardens at home are not nearly so scenic right now. The grass is crunchy and brown, we have no water features (except when someone forgets to turn off the water and a stock tank runs over), no historic structures or sculptures, and no morning glories (sniff). But if you look closely (and crop judiciously), there are still some pretty pictures to be captured:
This potted chrysanthemum comes back every year

Apple Blossom geranium

One of the dahlias I managed to save

We're in the pink at . . .


farmlady said...

What a nice way to spend the day. Of course you would spin while you walk... doesn't everyone? I love that you did this... and took pictures too.
I wish some of the photos had information under them. Was that a fur tree in the third picture? Amazing!
What kind of pelargonium (geranium)is in the second to the last picture? I want it. It's beautiful.
Nice post on a beautiful day.

Michelle said...

I'll go back and add some captions. The geranium was given to us by one of Rick's clients; he called it "Apple Blossom."

Susan said...

I just knew there would be a spindle in there somewhere...:0) What a lovely garden! And what IS that plant in picture #3? I also love your dahlia. They are a favorite of mine, except that we have to dig them out every fall. Someday...

Kelly said...

Looks to me like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a day. sigh

Mary Ann said...

LOVE the geranium... mine did not survive our mild winter last year!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I have one of them there stock tank water features every now and then ;-). Love your spindles!