Saturday, November 16, 2019

Cast-off, cast-on, and clouds

From all the cast-off leaves on the ground, it's hard to tell that we've already hauled a LOT of leaves to the compost pile.

The trees aren't the only things 'shedding.' Jackson is blowing coat like never before; hair is EVERYwhere in spite of my brushing out dozens of handfuls like this.

Yesterday afternoon while driving around I kept pulling over for clouds. I'm a sucker for spectacular skyscapes!

Today I cast on another hat. I've had this yarn and pattern paired for awhile but other things kept taking precedence. But now that I've started it, I predict it will go speedily; it's a very easy pattern. The focus here is supposed to be my Skittles-colored handspun rather than elements like cables.

That's it for now from . . .

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

To everything there is a season

Today was the first day I've been home alone in this quieter and emptier space. A few busy days* made this easier, but now other crises** are crowding in. Sigh; "time and tide (and trouble) wait for no man."

I stopped waiting for 'man' as well. Since last weekend almost all the leaves have dropped. There is a reason it's called "leaf litter," and between the mess (which eventually mucks up the gravel and grass) and the ideal-for-raking dry, calm conditions, I have been agitating to get them cleaned up to no avail. So I gave up on it being a family project and started raking and carting them off to the burn pile by myself. Which apparently shamed inspired Rick, who then got busy and finished the lion's share (with some help from Brian). Amen.

The hats I knit for my farrier and his wife from their flock's yarns are now blocked and drying. I do hope they like and USE them but regardless, I enjoyed knitting them and trying new yarns. I'm going to knit a hat from some colorful handspun next, then figure out where it fits on my Christmas gift list. Too bad I don't like to wear hats; they can be gratifyingly fun, quick projects.

Jackson is doing pretty well as an only dog. I was surprised at what a good host he was to my friend's exuberant eight-month-old flat-coat – he even played with her just a little bit! That made me think he could be okay with a new addition, although it would have to be the right dog. Problem is, I don't know if the right dog for Jackson is necessarily the dog I would choose for myself if Jackson was not a factor. And the dog(s) I want are not breeds that Rick likes – and vice versa. Yes, we've been discussing dogs, without d├ętente. I even pulled the "birthday card," which didn't work any better for getting my way on a dog than it did for getting another, more able-bodied horse.So I'm just spoiling and enjoying my old man for as long as I can right now.

Yes, I've completed another trip about the sun. It was pretty low-key, although a blogpal surprised me with this lovely yarn set, Kate brought me some goodies, and Brian made me sinfully decadent brownies. Well, he made them for himself as much as for me, but he can afford the calories better than I can anyway.

Our weather is gradually changing over to a more typical wet pattern. Fortunately for our new neighbors, the builders got their shop 'dried-in' today.

*After Sunday morning's events I took Brian to work and ended up being gone most of the day. Monday Brian didn't have school; my friend Kate came over for a visit with her young dog; and the people who 'rented' Blake brought him home. Yesterday I had to work, and then pick up Brian from school in the afternoon.

**Yesterday I learned that my step-brother is in the hospital again. This morning I learned that a dear friend's husband, who has been in the hospital for several weeks now, has decided to stop all treatment. This afternoon I went down to the basement pantry for something and found water spraying out of a pipe connected to the pressure tank. At least that LAST one can be fixed....

That's all for now from . . .

Sunday, November 10, 2019

10/10/09 (Gotcha Day) – 11/10/19

"First time ever I saw your face..."

The beginning of our story here.

Last photo, taken two days ago:

Dozer had a good run for a bully; he was around 11 1/2 years old. But a crisis took us all by surprise this morning. It has been a very sad day.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Jewelbox days return

After a couple of gray days, we're back to beautiful sunrises and sunsets up here on the hill. And although leaves are falling like rain, it remains unusually dry and warm (not-cold) and there are still bright spots of color around the place.

Yesterday's sunrise:

Yesterday's sunset (in Salem for parent-teacher conferences; always enlightening ­čśĆ):

Today's sunrise:

View from the garage:

Views from the front entry:

I'm sure our new neighbors are happy about the odd weather; their builders are making quick work of their shop:

I've been keeping my 'sandbox' clean for exercising Lance (and sometimes Ollie), and plan to tackle leaf clean-up around the house on Sunday and Monday.

I have more photos to share but this post is loaded already; I'll try to do another post tomorrow.

That's it for now from . . .