Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mulled whine

(P.S. – that's PREscript – there are happy little bite-sized snacks over on Instagram in case long, whiney posts like this one give you heartburn! 😉)

Yesterday started out like a real Monday. I'm not prejudiced against the first workday of the week, really, I'm not; usually it's just another day, albeit the busiest one schedule-wise. But Brian didn't get up until ten minutes before he needed to leave for school (no way to get chores done in that time and no, we don't let him off the hook) and then took his foul mood out on everyone, two- and four-legged. After he mistreated Dozer my gloves came off, earning me a phone call later from my "D"H that felt suspiciously reprimanding. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so assaulted had not my latest tooth to undergo work hurt since Friday, increasing my sense of dental dread. Later, when I was carefully eating an apple at work, another tooth panged sharply. I tell you, I might as well start buying food in little glass Gerber jars! I'll need to buy new pants, too, because mine are all getting baggy from fear of eating.

On my way to pick up the ingrate my DS from school, I called a dear friend. She lives too far away now (Virginia), but has to come "home" for Christmas and summer breaks (divorce/visitation), and I wanted to know when she arrives. Okay; I also needed to hear a friendly voice. In the course of conversation, she offered to transport me to and from my next dentist appointment so I can take advantage of offered medication to make the procedures less traumatic (the only option available, as my dental clinic isn't plumbed for nitrous oxide) – which made me cry with relief and appreciation! Things looked brighter after that, more in line with our current weather which is unseasonably bright – and cold.
Not that I'm complaining; it's nice to have the mud frozen for awhile. It's been so dry that the cold nights leave little frost, but I managed to capture some this morning.

But now that we finally have lights on the Christmas tree as of Sunday night (no ornaments yet; we wouldn't want to rush this process 😒), gray, gloomy mornings and long, dark evenings will be cheerily lit from INside.
And I just may take advantage of that ladder and decorate the tree myself. But first, I need to go take some more Tylenol....

That's it for now from . . .

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Joyful noises

Today Brian and his schoolmates made joyful noises unto the Lord,

and this afternoon I was joyful over noises from Vienna:

Instead of grazing with the other girls, she was batting her eyelashes and calling 'come hithers' to Mr. Blake across the driveway. In other words, she was acting like a ewe in heat, not an expectant mother; hurray!

From the well-fed sheep at . . .

Friday, December 08, 2017

All is bright, at least

I'm barely meeting myself coming and going (and coming and going), between work, school, back to school for basketball practices, driving to basketball games (two), a Christmas concert (one) – and that's just Sunday through last night! Here's a number from last night's concert:

Today I have to pick up Brian in Salem and drive him to McMinnville for a doctor's appointment, and tomorrow we drive him to a different town for another concert. Hence, the radio silence here on the ol' blog, and the lack of decorations on our Christmas tree....

But the weather has indeed been bright, clear and sunny. This morning we're finally getting a few high clouds, which made for a pretty sunrise:

The sheep sure have been enjoying the sunshine. The two older gals tend to get down to the business of eating, leaving the younger ones to boing and bounce.
Crossing my fingers and toes that these two aren't pregnant! They were accidentally exposed to the two ram lambs the night after all the young girls were in mid-September.  I have only had one ewe settle that early in the years I've bred Shetlands, but we gave the youngsters lutalyse just in case. Never got around to injecting Vienna and Sarai which was probably a big mistake, since mature ewes seem to cycle earlier. And Vienna is the dam of one ram lamb and the granddam of the other.... 😳

Thanks mostly to the blue girls, we're still getting a few eggs every day.

Now I have to get to work, too, during the few hours I'm home!

That's it for now from . . .

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Night lights

I had a Women's Ministries Christmas party last night and a dressage chapter Christmas party this evening, with a busy day packed in between. While I was scurrying around, Rick cleaned the chimney cap (yay; less smoke in the house!) and hung up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. As you can see through the window, our Christmas tree is still dark and bare. Not sure when we are going to be able to remedy that, since Brian has practice tomorrow night, basketball games Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and a choir and handbells Christmas concert Thursday night!

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