Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blessed by beauty

Yesterday evening:

This afternoon:

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Friday, May 19, 2017

It's time

. . . to shear. Benny is about to bust his seams! I really should have tackled at least one today, but didn't manage my time that well.

. . . to halter-train. When I turned the ewes and lambs out on pasture this morning, Brigitte and Bardot decided to wander around the driveway instead of following their mom into the field. I took that as volunteering to be the first to start halter-training; ha! Brigitte is such a pet that she was soon following me with very little resistance; Bardot was much more dramatic. Since Brigitte was so calm about it all, I took the chance to get a snapshot of her lovely lamb fleece mid-side. Soft and crimpy, just how I like it!

. . . to garden. Actually, it's past time, but this is as much prepping as Rick has gotten done. Apparently there is tractor trouble, but he hasn't done any work on his berry patch, either. His hobby is taking much of his free time now. Certainly the work of his hands is beautiful, and even useful . . . but they aren't edible.
Oh well, there should be some strawberries at least; the neglected little patch is flowering and setting with gusto. The garlic I planted last fall survived as well. I might have to pin most of my pantry plans on the fruit trees this year. :-/

. . . to knit. It's always time to knit; as the Yarn Harlot says, knitting protects the people around her.  ;-)

As you can see, I finished my second scrappy Sheep Heid, and started a charity knitting project with the handspun Theresa sent me. This is the Casu Cowl, and I think it is perfect for this yarn. My original plan was to donate the finished cowl to Homeward Bound Pets' gift shop, but I've had another idea. I'm thinking it might bring in more funds if I offer it in a kind of silent auction to the highest donation to Homeward Bound. Is that kosher, since I'm not actually selling the finished product of someone else's pattern? I need your feedback!

. . . to wrap this up. Tomorrow I plan to post pretty panoramas and posies.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

My favorite reads

I used to be a bookworm. When I was a kid, I'd check out the limit from our local library every week and read them all. My dad thought there was something wrong with me until my mom assured him that she was the same way. She still is; me, I rarely read books anymore. No, not even on an electronic reader thingy. My favorite reads now are blogs, and having access to all those I follow was one of the things I missed most while without a laptop for eight days. I'm working on catching up from oldest to newest "chapters" on my Blogger reading list, trying to leave comments in my wake since I know how much I like comments.

But I also need to catch up with my own blog, so am trying to do a post every day to that end.

No, that's not a chicken, just an apparently confused goldfinch. ;-)  This week one of our two old (age seven?) Speckled Sussex died. She has been lame for months, but otherwise seemed fine. I gave her extra goodies, thinking she was getting stronger.... Now we're down to six good black laying hens and a lone Speckled Sussex. Next winter I'll probably look for a few new pullets to keep the eggs coming. Not that we use many eggs, but I like knowing where the few we eat come from, a couple of our neighbors have become regular customers, and another family will take any extras I have beyond that.

Last week, after getting mid-side fleece photos and samples and shuffling sheep around to be ready for a smooth shearing date, my farrier/shearer called in sick. But before returning everyone to their usual quarters I wanted to get Blake rooed. That meant moving Nightcap out of the extra horse stall so I could use the stand.
Yes, that is Blaise making googly eyes at her dad. The little hussy has no shame.

Blake was as good as gold while I harvested his fleece by hand. He had quite a covering of new growth, too.

The next day I rooed Sarai. She didn't have nearly the new growth that Blake had, but a fresh sheep suit gives her some protection from sunshine and sharp little hooves.

Today I got an email from my farrier/shearer's wife letting me know that he would be stopping by this evening (while we were gone) to trim the horses' hooves but wouldn't have time to shear – and wasn't sure when he would have time in the foreseeable future. She said: "He's thinking ya might be ahead to shear on your own this time due to scheduling." Gulp. Me and my spring-loaded Fiskars had better get busy then!

If you are interested in a coated fine Shetland fleece, let me know. I have close-up photos of mid-side fleece on and off each sheep, and should soon have micron data on each one as well.

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So far, so good

I picked up my new laptop from the local college IT tech today, after he moved all my data over from the dead one. So far, everything seems to be compatible with the new machine, but I haven't tried to work on any graphics jobs yet. Actually, I haven't had time to do much at all on it, life being what it is.

So while I dream of catching up, here is some gratuitous cuteness taken today. ;-)

Nice to be back! (And thanks for all of you who let me know you're reading; I really appreciate it!)

That's it for tonight from . . .