Friday, January 20, 2017

Music video #3

I played "Windy and Warm" on my iPhone for Brian's violin teacher today because he'd never heard it. Then he accompanied Brian on a little Martin Hayes tune they've been working on; I thought it showed a definite influence!

A blog reader emailed me a sweet note after I posted the Windy and Warm video; turns out she knows the guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, personally! Sometimes it really is a small world.

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Another music video ;-)

Blogpal Theresa posted this last night; it is too perfect not to share again!

Springtime For Hitler - The Producers 2005 by HolleyGoss

I didn't see her post until this morning, though. When Brian and I got home around 4:00 yesterday after work/school, we had no electricity. I called the PGE hotline; only 35 people had called it in at that point, so I figured it was either a very small outage or a very recent one. Turned out it was the latter. We got some necessary things done in the remaining daylight, then lit candles and found our headlamps. I finished the hat I was working on,
then my friend showed up to carpool with me to a meeting. Still no power when I got home after 9:00, so I got to bed at a decent time for a change!

Everything (here) was back to normal this morning; the jury will be out awhile on the state of the union.

Thankful for wood heat, warmer temperatures, and Bible promises at . . .

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Windy and Warm

Well, that was fast! We went from temps in the teens and twenties to almost 50° with a stiff south wind and driving rain, and there went all that beautiful snow.
Yesterday morning

This morning (it's completely gone tonight)
A blessing, really, to have this quick transition from frozen to thawed; the Columbia River Gorge is still dealing with a major ice storm.

In comparison, we've just had to collect scattered buckets, pick up tree debris, and slosh through mud and water.

Tonight Rick helped me give the four bred girls their second oxytetracycline shots and trimmed all their feet. All of them ended up with some degree of foot rot after being in the Ram-ada Inn lot for breeding, my first experience with this in my decade of owning Shetland sheep. I don't know if Nightcap brought it in; he was lame when he arrived although that has since cleared up. Oh well; it's here now, so we have to deal with it.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yesterday's sunrise

That's it for this soggy, sloppy day from . . .