Saturday, May 04, 2019


I think some of you come here just for Chuckie, so here's a post for you. 😉 Thankfully, after what has seemed like a very slow recovery from his unknown trauma, our little tuxedo cat has returned to his former engaged, charming self. With my limited time to post, I've accumulated a number of photos that show the final stages of that recovery; it's fun [now] to see the transformation!

But first, some photos I took almost two weeks ago of the dog o' my heart. Brian and I were laying on my bed talking, and I invited Jackson, who came in to check on me, up as well. He managed the jump (barely), then groaned quietly while I pet him.

Age has given Jackson an ability to relax that he never had when younger. Still, it is distressing to see him age in body and spirit; I can't imagine life without this beautiful, loyal, loving soul – so I choose not to focus on that.

Dozer was asleep in the other room, but eventually roused himself to see where everyone went. This capture made me chuckle! (Don't worry; he gets lots of love, too.)

The same day I shot the above photos, I took the two below.

Chuckie had come up to the house (something he wasn't feeling up to often) and my son scooped him up for a cuddle. Awwww. But just like with Jackson, it indicated a certain decline. But Chuckie is young, and continued to improve. A few days later he met me outside the barn when I went down for chores, looking a bit brighter than he had – so I sat right down on the ground to give him the asked-for attention.

On May Day, he met me again, and was actually playful, actually stalking me once when I was moving around carrying hay and checking water.

By yesterday, I could say with confidence, "The cat is back!"


One final dose of 'furbaby.' My friend whose horse is here just got a new puppy. Her beloved flat-coated retriever was killed the same month of her accident, a double whammy for sure. She finally found an available litter within driving distance, and picked up Glory on Monday. Here she is visiting Boulderneigh on Tuesday, after sleeping through her first night in her new home(!!!),
and two days later at that new home (I visited her that time).
I thought Kate's first FCR might have been a one-off; she was an exceptionally good dog. But I think now it must be the breed; I have never met such a good puppy! (Too bad they don't come in black tri-color. 😉)

That's it for furbabies for now from . . .


wisps of words said...

I take it, that Chuckie is a barn cat....? Since you said he came up to see you. So happy he is back to his old self!!!

It is hard, when pets get old. -sigh- Hope your old doggie has many more happy years...

The pic, with Dozer "saying" "What's going on here?" is so cute. They don't have to talk, to let one know, what's going through their minds. :-))))

Mama Pea said...

Enjoyed seeing all these pictures of the rest of your family. (Minus the horse(s) and sheep!)

Michelle said...

Yes, Wisps, Chuckie is a barn cat who wishes to be a house cat! But when we first got him as a teenager, maybe six months old, we kept him in the tackroom to get acquainted and then recover from castration, and he never once used the litterbox. So even if we were inclined to let him in (which we really aren't), there are 'issues.'

You forgot the chickens and Brian's parakeet, Mama Pea! ;-)

Retired Knitter said...

For the most part, your life is heaven on earth with so many wonderful creatures in it. Really. I can so relate to animals. Humans? Only on occasion! Ha! I loved that Dozer picture. So so funny. But the dog that has most of your heart, Jackson ... how I can relate to that emotion as my son's Pug, Grimace, did exactly for for me - he is gone now a few years and no other animal has even come close to hijacking my heart like he did. I can see that is your Jackson.

And yes, I am here for Chuckie and dog pictures, ha! and for you!

Amanda said...

I am so glad Chuckie is back! My tuxedo kitty is, like Jackson, showing his age, and I am constantly reminded that my time with him is limited. That's why I get such a kick out of Chuckie; he's so like Mobius Back In The Day.

Jeanne said...

Oh! Such beautiful pics!! I love them all!

Did I tell you that we took in an older female cat? She's a sweetie! She has the most brilliant green eyes I have ever seen!!

I haven't heard from you for a while. 😀 Take care!

Susan said...

Oh, that Jackson, with those honey-colored, soulful eyes. I love the last photograph - I'm sure he can sense that Dozer has entered the room. I'm so glad that Chuckie has rallied. It's distressing when we try out darnedest but have no idea where and how they are hurting. He is a cheeky little imp, and such a cutie.

C-ingspots said...

What would we do without our amazing animal friends?! Life is so much sweeter with them in our lives!! So glad Chuckie's feeling better.

Claire MW said...

Lovely to see all the critters and to know that Chuckie is back to himself. They all look so cuddly!