Wednesday, February 06, 2019


Serving up scraps saved from Saturday through this morning. First up, Saturday's sunset; all the better because it happened while I was riding Lance down the gravel lane and back.

On Sunday I took Brian to town so he could do some handyman work for some church ladies who wanted to contribute towards his mission trip costs, including washing their vehicles. With a little bribery, he agreed to wash mine when we got home. Of course, after driving it once you can no longer tell it was clean . . . but I have proof!

Our hay supply is dwindling steadily. I'm not sure if we'll make it to the 2019 crop or not.
Good thing the hens are stepping it up a bit to help pay for their food; Monday's 'haul' of four eggs was the biggest in almost two months.

Monday night I finished plying my flame-colored singles with a white single. At first I wasn't sure mixing the two was the best decision, but I'm liking it better now. 

Next I need to skein and wash it, then figure out a good pattern for 100g of 'barber pole gradient' more-or-less-worsted yarn.

Yesterday evening the neighbor called us to come pick up a package. I wasn't expecting anything from blogpal Susan; what could it be? On top was the cutest card imaginable; WHERE did she find a knitting cowboy???

Next I pulled out the tie-dyed fabric, which held a pair of handsome fair-trade chicken gourd-ornaments; she must have noticed my hens aren't represented anywhere on our Christmas tree.

But she mentioned 'making' something in the card; hmm. I pulled out a soft, tissue-swaddled something, which turned out to be the most SQUEE-worthy little squirrel, decked out in a removable beret and matching scarf!!!

Yesterday's snow is mostly gone from the ground, but is hanging on unusually long on the trees. Seems backwards from the usual thawing pattern, but it's pretty!

This morning while loving on the ladies, I was able to get all three of Nightcap's daughters in one photo. That's five-year-old Blaise in the back, with two-year-olds Bette (left) and Bernadette (right) in front. I really like these ewes, and hope to get lambs from all three of them some day....

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Love the picture of your barn and the hay bales. Low they may be, but I can almost smell that wonderful fragrance.

You are a master at "making" yarn. It always looks so lovely. I like the two yarns together. Won't it be fun to see how it knits up.

That Susan! She's a crafty gal, for sure. What a nice surprise package. That little squirrel is something else! And the knitting cowboy. I'm sure she saw those and HAD to have them. (Is she hinting you could multi-task when out riding your big boy?)

Retired Knitter said...

Gosh darn it!! You are so inspiring in the spinning you do with your spindles. I gave away my spinning wheel but not my spindles. I really think I will get back to them at some point. Of course, they will never look as orderly and even as yours. You really have that skill down to a fine art.

Debbie said...

The girls are beautiful! And so is their fleece.

Snow on the trees looks like someone took a paint brush to dust them. So very pretty.

Your gifts from Susan are lovely The detail on the chicken gourds is wonderful. And the squirrel, so cute.

I like your plying of the flame singles with the white.

Michelle said...

Hopefully I'll find a pattern that uses the yarn to it's best advantage; I think it turned out quite pretty! And I probably could knit while riding, but I don't think dividing my attention like that would be fair to my horse.

I hope you can get back to your spindles, Elaine. I think spinning with them is therapeutic, not to mention a productive way to spend "down time."

Debbie, now that I've skeined the yarn I'm thinking it looks more like Skittles candy than flames. ;-)