Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Fiber and flowers forever!

Along with some fog:

and a furry feline:

("Help; I've started alliterating and I can't shut up!" I know, it's a recurring problem.) 😉

Last Sunday a couple came to see sheep and pick up one last fleece (Bart's last, from 2016) I'd found and advertised on Ravelry. All four of us, Rick included, had a nice chat, finding all kinds of things in common between us – wood-turning, fiber arts (of course), being vegetarian, a veterinarian in each couple, and more. Brigitte was my little ambassador, being pushy eagerly seeking attention from both visitors, but we still managed to peek under the covers at several fleeces. Eventually they left with Bart's fleece and a reservation for a fleece from this spring's coming shearing. I could hardly believe my eyes when the wife sent me a photo of some beautiful combed top from Bart's fleece that very evening, and a photo of a machine-knit sample the next day! The woman is The Fiber Flash!

Meanwhile, I twiddle my little spindles and create a little yarn here and there. 😉 It does add up over time. Since the first of the month I've spun up a little bump of white Dorset a friend gave me a few years back. I finished the singles last night at Brian's basketball game and resumed knitting on a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Today I started spinning this flame-colored roving I got from another friend for Christmas after splitting it in two.
I'm thinking of doing a three-ply with it and the Dorset; we'll see.

As for flowers, here are the newest blossoms on my orchid inside, and the first of the annual flower parade, snowdrops, outside:

Finally, a little (and a LOT) of fanfare. First of all, I got three eggs for the first time this month. Second of all, my friend finally got to come home from the hospital today! I'm going to visit her tomorrow after work.

Farewell for now from . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...


Theresa said...

Oh, that roving is spinning up nicely. Chuckie looks like a guard cat, a very handsome guard cat!
Glad your friend is home. How is she recovering?

sylkan said...

So glad Kate is home from hospital. What a huge lot of broken stuff she has. Sounds like it will be a prolonged recovery. Don't give her a hug from me, as that would probably finish her off, but do give her my very best hopes for a speedy recuperation. Cheers!

Susan said...

That Chuckie is so photogenic! It's so nice to find people who 'get' you and what's important to you, isn't it? I like that BSJ! I've never seen one in stripes and I LOVE green! So glad to hear your friend is home and now comes the mending - I'm sure, both physically and emotionally. I can't get other those orchids! They never stop!

Retired Knitter said...

That sweet and handsome looking cat. Makes me miss my own tuxedo cat named Ashes - that I got in 1969 and who died 18 years later.

Mama Pea said...

You always have such lovelies to show us through your photographs! So good to hear your friend is home which will speed her recovery. She must have hit the ground in just the wrong way to have suffered such trauma. Scary the way bad accidents can happen when you least expect them. When you visit tell her of the best wishes from so many of your readers, please.

Michelle said...

Theresa, the roving is absolutely DELICIOUS (and calorie-free)! Kate is in good spirits and not in as much pain as you would expect from 12 broken ribs (modern pharmacology is a wonderful thing).

Will do, Sylvia.

Yes, we make such wonderful friends through these blogs, don't we, Susan?

Chuckie is a much-loved addition, Elaine. :-D

Mama Pea, she learned in the hospital that she has brittle bones, so I guess we should be thankful she didn't break more.

Jeanne said...

It's so nice that you had a good visit with what seems to be possibly good friends!
I love that roving! I'm anxious to see the finished product!
Tell your friend that I'm thankful she's at home! Is there anything they can do for brittle bones?

Retired Knitter said...

What I love about Chuckie is that he obviously thinks of himself as Lord of the Manor. You can see it in his body language sitting on that fence post looking around. Even though he is the newest member of your extended furry family he definitely thinks he is the one in charge. SOOO typical of cats - and it is why I love them!